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Which CnC Board Member Are You?

There's no right answer.

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  1. WashU's best department, Film
    Everything social science
    That thing with math and science
    anything that doesn't have numbers in it
    "That thing with the letters"- My Mother
    biochemistry, if it doesn't kill me first
    Dead White Men (x2)
  2. That part of summer when you're up at the lake and everything smells like sunscreen.
    Rabbit Season. Duck Season. Rabbit Season. Rabbit Season. Duck Season. (Got 'em Bugs)
    Season 3 of Scrubs
    April 25th because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket
    That one that's 3 months long
    Season(s) of Love
    The West Wing season 1. I mean 2.
    season 7 of game of thrones up to the episode on August 6th because after that who knows really
  3. Spamalot
    Gorilla Man
    Gorilla Man
    Heathers again where every instrument is a form of bass
    Cats, but with actual cats that I get to keep after the show
    Anything by Ted Dudzik
    Les Mis twice
    A stage version of my first novel, "Meet Kitten" that would feature real kittens that the audience would meet.
    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat because that show is a MASTERPIECE
  4. The hammer to remove washers from bolts, my true purpose
    The pulley
    Jig saw
    Garment measuring tape
    Craig Laing
    My wit
    Peter Hook
    Other people
    The wood cart at Home Depot that large men always try to help me with until I sassily decline.
  5. Anytime Chelkins pretended to be Heather Chandler
    That bit in heathers with the gunshot and the exploding tv, or potentially that bit in she kills monsters where there was that cool throat singing music
    The one where I played a Type-A female
    The one with the janky flickering scoreboard
    Boeing Boeing
    Not Boeing Boeing
    Don't Talk to the Stage Manager
    Any show with no audience participation
    Harley Greene (that's right, it was all a performance)
  6. bees????
    Sexy Spooky Teen
    A plaid blazer found in the DG suite under a couch.
    My dad
    a ~sexy~ cloak and nothing else
    a koala
    Perry the Platypus
    Sexy Rollerskate
  7. Lying outside by the pool and stalking some guy to an Ivy League school cause I'm a multitasker
    Brooklyn NY
    Eating chips 'n' dips on the floor of the Castle.
    Other places exist?
    Village room 26... #singing
    Anywhere, as long as I'm eating mac n' cheese
    Napping on the couch in the hallway next to the Blackbox
    margaret's answer
  8. Making robots that build each other
    Running the country
    Trying to coax my children to name our new puppies Sophie, Harley, and Craig, for reasons they won't understand.
    I have nightmares that I'll still be here
    Sitting on a golden throne purchased with my first billion
    Genetically engineering viruses to kill all of the spiders in the world
    Talking about "the good ole days." Man those were the best.
    Running a booming business that engineers mini elephants and then gives them to loving families as pets
    margaret's answer
  9. I wandered into elections and accidentally ran unopposed, and now I'm stuck
    Fatherly duty
    I really like uptown funk
    I lost my soul in the Blackbox and I am still trying to find it
    I can't leave theatre no matter how much I try
    this is the largest group of people who like me
    Like any sitting president, CNC is my "first family." Plus, who else would make cornbread for the children?
    I pretend other people like me but then I get tired of acting
    I love everyone in this organization so much

Which CnC Board Member Are You?

You got: MK Mollman

You are clearly a Queen because you got MK "the dictator" Molllllllman. People are so in awe in your presence that they often forget how to speak in their native tongue. When people meet you, they have roughly the same reaction Leslie Knope had when she met Liam Bonneville, the bad boy of the Department of the Interior, or Michelle Obama. (Parks and Rec season 6, episode 20 (Moving Up) 4:40-6:44)

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You got: Maddie Lee

You are Maddie Lee, the bomb ass queen of lights and furious little puppers. You are confident, smart, a little wine drunk, and always know where the best mac and cheese is from any given point in space. But mostly, you are the most enthusiastic member of any group you are a part of and always give at least 97% effort (because lets be real, 100% is a little intense).

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You got: Zoe Orenstein

You are an ethereal goddess, sent from the heavens above to bless mere mortals with kindness and amazing vodka pasta. Due to your killer combination of brains, beauty, and butt-kicking abilities, everyone either wants to be you or is wrong. You are the one people call when they need someone to kill a spider. When you jump into a lake, you don't get wet--the lake gets you.

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You got: Margaret Gaggioli

You may have had an identity crisis recently when friends and loved ones started calling you a lot of names that are NOT yours, and at this point you respond to anything, really. Everyone thinks you hate them but only some of them are right. People usually fear how much they love you. You are also the heart and soul behind the operation and nothing could get done without you. You are probably the person in your friend group who everyone would call if they had to hide a body.

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You got: Stacey Harimoto

You got Stacey, which means you win.

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You got: Peter Hook

You are the master of sound, the king of bass, the one and only, Peter Hook. One day you'll be a billionaire mogul looking down on the masses from a golden throne, surrounded by marble statues of yourself in various states of undress. That day is not today however, and for now you just spend most of your time watching netflix while being crushed by the overwhelming number of things you've commited to over the last two years.

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You got: Victoria Rabuse
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You got: Lucas Marschke

You got Lucas, which means four things. First, you are the dad of the group, always offering people rides and making sure everyone gets to the airport with at least 6 hours of buffer time, just in case. Second and third, you're much too cool to hang with only one group of people, so somehow you have gotten yourself into power positions in seven different organizations. When people ask, 'how do you do it?' you chuckle quietly and shrug it off, only to later cry in the face of all the whenisgoods you have to fill out. Fourth, you have ~amazing~ hair and enough product to drown an army of rats in, if the need arose.

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You got: Lia White

You're probably not really sure what you're doing with your life, which is why you got Lia! Calm, cool, and charismatic are all the traits you want to be, but aren't quite there yet. You might eat too much Chex Mix, but death is inevitable so you don't mind. You spend too much time on research and not enough time on the actual project (@all your pinterest boards dedicated to costumes) but it all works out in the end. Or so you hope.

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