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15 Signs You Were A Packed Lunch Kid

There was a time when you'd do anything for a bag of chips. Reminisce about the old days and snack on a Mini Babybel® to put the fun back into lunch.

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1. Your lunch box design defined you.

It was a gateway into your young soul.

2. And you kept it safe in your cubby every morning.

No slackin'. No snackin'.

3. You spent the entire morning afraid you put it away incorrectly...

Tyler Naugle / Via BuzzFeed

And all your food was slowly getting crushed.

4. ...which, inevitably, would lead to a juice box disaster...

5. ...ending with some new friends.


Finding ants in your lunch box was, in equal parts, terrifying and disgusting. And your teacher never let you live it down.

6. But when lunchtime came there was no waiting in school lunch lines for you!

7. Although, you always pined for the school's chocolate milk.

Which has proven to be impossible to find anywhere else in the world.

8. Before unpacking your food in front of everyone, you checked for embarrassing notes.

And if you found them you'd just want to hide in a corner like this dog.

9. Sometimes you'd get snacking too early and wouldn't have any good stuff left for lunch

Just that sad warm piece of fruit.

10. But there was always that friend who you know would share a little something.

11. Your ice pack made sure everything was cold (and just a little wet).


And if everything wasn't wrapped in plastic, it was all over.

12. You remember snack trades to be the only truly free market.

Just one cupcake made you the most popular kid!

13. And gooey cookies were the platinum cards of the cafeteria.

14. You were pretty proud of being a packed lunch kid...

[Hair flip.]

15. ...except on pizza day, when you'd conveniently leave that packed lunch home.

Power to the cheesy delicious pizza!

Mini Babybel® makes every packed lunch perfect!

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One thing is for sure: packed lunch is just better with delicious cheese.