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What Movie Spy Are You?

What movie spy would you be?

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  1. What would you wear to a mission?

    A special Tuxedo
    Whatever my cover would wear
    A nice suit..nothing special about that
  2. Do you have a sense of humor

    I sometimes have trouble putting my pants on.
  3. Can you flirt?

    Yes, I have a lot of charm and the ladies love me
    No, sadly
    Why are you asking me? It doesn't matter
  4. Can you kick butt?

    Yes, years of training made me really good at kicking butt
    No, but if you give me something to help me out.. I can do it
    My kicking butt skills will surprise you
  5. Whats your favorite decade?

  6. Did yo always want to be a spy?

    Yes, since I was a kid
    No, ill probably be thrown into it
    Yes, but life took me a different route

What Movie Spy Are You?

You got: Derek Flint

Congrats! You got Derek Flint from the 1966 film, Our Man Flint. You were taken out of retirement to help kick some serious butt. You have charm, wit, and can do a mean karate chop.

Derek Flint
Cinematic Autopsy
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You got: Jimmy Tong

Congrats! You got Jimmy Tong from the 2002 film, The Tuxedo. You were a taxi driver who was given a fancy suit and now you are a fantastic secret agent. Who needs years of training when you can just put a suit and kick butt.

Jimmy Tong
Comic Vine
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You got: Susan Cooper

Congrats! You got Susan Cooper from the 2015 film Spy. You an an unlikely secret agent who was taken off the desk in the CIA to a life or death mission across Europe. Just because you don’t look like you can kick serious butt, doesn't mean you can’t.

Susan Cooper
Carbon Costume
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