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Which TCA High School Hero Are You?

you love to hate us but class of 2015 forever!! THIS 15 US!! :)

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  1. It's 11pm, what are you doing?

    with bae
    well what's dan "blizeran" fricks doing?
    whatever my frat bros are doing
    KOTenth St. USA
    writing my next YoungLife skit
    netflix marathon
    quality time w besties
    writing an Odyssey article
    driving to central Arkansas
    mumbling while studying
    speaking spanish
    doing candidacy
    driving to bible study
  2. What was your senior superlative?

    most likely to get in two wrecks in one week
    biggest wanna-be prankster but didn't follow through on anything
    best sense of humor
    most likely to saw "ow!" when they didn't actually get hurt
    best sneeze
    best eyes
    most accurate dolphin noise
    mrs TCA
    best spouse potential
    most likely to excel in parkour
    most unpredictable
    most likely to marry their high school sweetheart
  3. It's Friday night circa fall of 2014, what's up?

    holding signs upside down while cheering
    #50 on the field, #1 in our hearts
    jump splits bc captain of the dance team
    fifa :-)
    wherever the boys are
    cheering but not happy about it #mostspirited
    tending to her broken rib
    with bae watching Disney movies
    starting a riot at football games
    being obnoxious in the stands
    high kicks & stuff
    w bae
    driving everyone to and from the game
  4. What's your pet peeve?

    when people get mad at me for smacking
    you name it, it's my pet peeve
    people who are too sensitive
    getting poked in the stomach
    people who won't gamble with me
    people who make fun of the learning lab
    annoying people
    what's a pet peeve?
    popping knuckles
    ignorant confidence
    when people don't want to debate
    people who don't catch my many jokes
    when people keep asking to try on my homecoming crown
  5. It's Friday afternoon assembly talent show, what's your act??

    an example of frat life (dabbing and fratsnapping at the same time)
    i could fit in a box
    roasting people from the crowd
    tutoring people in physics
    younglife skit
    i'm talentless except for binge-watching netflix or or eating Neapolitan ice cream
    slaying someone in tennis
    singing or dancing idk i'm good at everything
    slam poetry but i forgot the poem #SHOOT
    fifa haha
    i didn't go to assembly bc baseball
    smiling and giggling at everything
  6. What do you look for in a significant other?

    a srat star
    any quality Connor has
    anyone out of my league
    basically anyone and everyone
    a mog (man of God)
    "long distance relationships will kill you" - naked brothers band
    a girl who's waiting to kiss until marriage
    a girl who can handle my stupid remarks
    emma greenwood
    J.O.Y. (jesus, others, yourself)
    i'm not interested
    princess leia #youngCarrieFisher
  7. First kiss story

    7th grade hallway (with consequences)
    freshman year date party
    Breaking Dawn Pt. 1
    8th grade because peer pressure
    under the stars with Chipotle & bae
    rosemary haha
    also Breaking Dawn Pt. 1
    coco #freshmanyearmisfire
    KOT ya know
    waiting for the altar
    can you say basic first kiss
    Alden Longbotham
    the streets of west campus
  8. What kind of music do you listen to?

    hood rat
    top 40 hits!
    hipster stuff that no one listens to
    cotton eyed joe
    basic hood rat #drake #kanye
    heavy metal or worship music
    probably something granola
    soul music #groove
    childish boiiiiiiiii
    justin timberlake
    anything i can really sing to
    "i like a song i can breathe to"
    country to hood rat
  9. What's your slogan?

    "who's coming to crepe night??"
    "i'm already there"
    "if madeline's there i'll be there"
    "be good or be good at it"
    "honestly nothing"
    "is it just us?"
    a poem
    "where's connor"
    "let's play fifa"
    "my spirit animal is a fruitbat"
    "no dabbing IS cool!!!"
  10. What's your favorite snack?

    milk and oreos
    i don't care i just want a snacky
    fruit #paleo
    if it's bad for my blood sugar i'm eating it
    cashews #granola
    any thing cheese flavored
    queso & dr pepper
    a glass of milk
    anything chocolate
    skinny pop #slimmmmmmshady
    anything sour
    spicy pretzels

Which TCA High School Hero Are You?

You got: Madeline Miller

you are a tennis star and have been in a serious relationship with bae for the past 5 years!!! Disney World is your second home and you've been called "mom" since your sophomore year of high school :) RUSH THETA amiright!?!? thought theta thought right!!!!

Madeline Miller
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You got: Stephanie Wofford

you're the comedian of the friend group *dabs* and you love anything basic *dabs*. on your way to starbucks you stop to shop at Urban *dabs* while you listen to Kanye's newest album *whips*. find her at the next KOT event and RUSH KAPPA!

Stephanie Wofford
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You got: Molly Legband

you're the wisest of the bunch and you're probably traveling somewhere serving other people who are not in Dallas. if you can't find me, no one else probably can either so ask around. don't bother snapchatting me because i don't believe in it.... you're single and not ready to mingle because "i'll probably end up alone" even though you got best spouse potential in high school (you peaked)

Molly Legband
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You got: Hayden Foster

you're the silliest girl around and you're probably scheming your next prank that you won't do! you're a whole lot of fun especially if you give me a bag of Doritos, but beware, you're lactose-sensitive! you have violent tendencies, but don't worry, you won't cause too much damage. if anyone makes fun of the learning lab, you may bite them. but really, just rush kappa & hook em horns!!!!

Hayden Foster
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You got: Paige Patterson

Congratulations. You've made it. You're probably smiling and giggling and practicing humility over your homecoming queen accomplishment. every girl wants to be you and every guy wants to date you, but if you want to be found, check Rosemary, FL!!! You'll be hosting crepe night soon, so make sure you're as inclusive as possible because everyone is always invited!!!

Paige Patterson
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You got: Olivia McClay

You're a thoughtful soul with a booming Odyssey career, and a fabulous wardrobe. You're not interested in dating right now so pleeassseeee stop asking!!!!! if you got a mess, i'll clean it up bc i can't go to bed without the place looking spotless. if you seem quiet, don't worry, we know you're just planning your next article or poem to publish. good thing you're a tri delt because you've got the most accurate dolphin noise around! hook em ;)

Olivia McClay
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You got: Graham Hill

"Hi, this is Graham Hill!" You haven't changed your voicemail since 8th grade, and you get mocked for it daily. You love to talk about Pine Cove and your sweet kiddos out at Ranch. You'll be found listening to your records, wearing a sweater, drinking high class coffee, and listening to artists people probably haven't heard of. You can also be found in your eno in the beautiful Ozarks while you write your newest journal entry. If you seem mad, you might be....

Graham Hill
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You got: David Crosby

*cracks a bad joke* hahaha you have an awkward sense of humor! you're probably busy writing your next younglife skit, visiting your younglife high school, hanging out with your younglife team, or talking with "the regulars" about why they should join younglife. you're caring and kind, and you're always looking to encourage others or have an intentional conversation!

David Crosby
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You got: Brad Holder

You are a big question mark! one thing we do know is that you are probably the most loved one out there by anyone and everyone. if people can't find you, you're in "YOUR" seat on the couch playing fifa or watching star wars. you like rocks but it's actually a cool thing, and you can play the guitar but are SUPER humble about it. you're as redass as they come so gig em aggies!!!!

Brad Holder
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You got: Anson Brady

It's yaaaaa boiiiiiiii anson!!!! you would have no idea you're a ginger bc of how hoodrat you are. you only listen to rap so don't try to take control of the aux. you found your true calling when you rushed sig ep with all of your brothers. you were a frat star in the making in high school, and now you are thriving like never before. go pokes *frat snap* #hoodrespect SHOUT OUT MIGOS

Anson Brady
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You got: Andrew Douglass

*quotes a deep rap lyric* you can outsmart anyone, you've never lost an argument, and you're most likely the smartest one in the bunch. you can probably be found in your cargo shorts............... also, you don't hangout with people on Fridays because you're at the chiropractor feeling the aftershocks of your successful high school soccer career. Congratulations, you're good at it! #begoodorbegoodatit

Andrew Douglass
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You got: Corbin Getz

You also go by Cuob, Coco, or Gator, but you really just prefer Corbin. You can be found traveling to central Arkansas to visit bae, but you still make time for all your hometown pals. you may seem quiet at first, but once you get out of your shell you can run the party. you've got the sweetest smile and kindest soul, and you're faithful to be the first to laugh at any joke. go pokes & rush kappa sig!!!

Corbin Getz
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You got: Connor Carpenter

*frat snap* Congratulations, you're in AMC but you are NOT in a fraternity. it's a men's organization!!! you love to debate with anyone who is willing. you can be found with bae anytime you're not in college station (#longdistance), or with your fellow candidates trying to get some signatures and interviews. you're incredibly smart on the road to being a surgeon one day, so watch out world because you're the whole package!!!

Connor Carpenter
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