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13 Things We Are Desperately Missing About Summer Right Now

Remember when it was so hot and all we wanted was the winter? HA! We take it back. Bring us the heat and a Miller Lite, now back in the original can.

1. All the hot babes in tiny bikinis.

2. Instead of getting in your car and looking like this... get in your car and relish the breeze blowing in.

3. Getting to wear your favorite pair of sunglasses all the time.

4. Getting ripped AND tan.

5. Being so hot you can do this:

6. Two words: Cook. Outs.


8. Making s'mores at a bonfire.

9. Sand.

10. Sunburns.

11. Swimmin'.

12. Yard work.

13. Not seeing this again for a guaranteed several months.

Fortunately, we can enjoy Miller Lite year-round.