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15 Names For Your Recreational Sports Team

Thinking about starting a dodgeball team? Softball? Kickball? We've got you covered. Here are some of the best team names out there to get you inspired. And for the perfect post-game celebration, Miller64 is the unofficial beer of unofficial teams. To Love, Sweat and Beers™.

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1. Kick In A Box / Via http://pennydrake4real

2. Ace Of Second Base

NOAA Photo Library / Via

3. Take Us To Your Leader Board

Flickr: xcaverx / Via http://Robert%20Spiegel

4. Swift Kick In The Grass / Via http://GRSSC

5. Jules et Gym

Flickr: hive / Via http://Jason%20Wilson

6. Dimensions In Time And Base

Flickr: vittands / Via http://%20vittands

7. Steal deBase Tyson

Flickr: mlehet / Via http://Michael%20Lehet

8. Legends Of The Ball / Via http://bsbtj

9. Pin Destroyer / Via http://cassie_cielo

10. Kick Moranis / Via http://woody_adams

11. Ball and Oats / Via http://houstondodgebal

12. Base/Off

Flickr: mlehet / Via http://Michael%20Lehet

13. Gone With The Wind-Up / Via http://blakekirkland

14. Jammie Dodgers / Via http://togianphotog

15. The Kick Of Destiny / Via http://porky1515

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