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58 Thoughts We Had Watching GoT's Season 7 Premiere

The North remembers. P.S., there are hella spoilers ahead.

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4. A toast? This is definitely poison. Arya always on some sneaky shit.

5. Take off that ugly mug so they can all see you're actually Arya!

15. Okay Sansa needs to chill just a little and trust lil' Jonny.

17. Alright. I hate to hate but Cersei's hair is terrible. Honey...what is you doin'.

18. I feel like Jamie is gonna come to his senses and betray Cersei and die a hero.

19. Her dress is made of, like, alligator skin or something. Dressed like Maleficent. Smh.

21. I am really loving all these strong-ass female characters though. Cersei, Arya, Lyanna, Daenarys...Sansa is slowly getting there...

23. A little worried that Euron's gonna become a less crazy, equally cruel Ramsay Bolton.

24. He's a savage though. "The Iron Islands are full of a lot of unattractive people."

26. What thE HECK why is Sam a servant boy. He's too pure for this

27. I'm really about to throw up with all that chamberpot cleaning. Sick.

28. Uh oh. Sam is about to check out the library's RESTRICTED SECTION.

29. Wtf did anyone else see that creepy alien hand in a jar...

35. OMG I will forever ship Brienne and Tormund! Please love him back...

37. Little Finger is the creepy guy that follows you at the bar and tries to hug you from behind.

40. "Girls take care of their Poppas when their Poppas grow old. Boys just go off and fight someone else's war." This speaks to me. Preach, random soldier. Preach.

42. Look at that. The world is coming full circle...we all know what Clegane did in that cabin.

43. When Clegane roasts the shit out of your topknot bun...get yo shit fixed.

45. This is a terrible thought but a little kudos to Clegane because it must have been really hard to dig a grave in dirt that frozen.

48. Daang, Sam is discovering some important shit in old books.

49. A mountain of dragon glass! Yo this could be their saving grace.

53. Missandei could really be a model tho. Victoria Secret Angel status

54. Okay they landed on a random rock with a castle on it...but where dey at tho.

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