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10 Heartwarming Ways Dogs Greet Their People

Nothing's better than a dog who's happy to see you. Here are the best ways k-9s convey that they've missed us, and be sure to show your appreciation for your best friend with Milk-Bone.

1. Sometimes They Do "The Jump Around"

2. Or They Go In For "The Continuous Kiss"

3. Other Times, They Go The More Playful Route And Do The "This Will Teach You To Leave Me Again!"

4. Or They Just Have A Full-Blown "Meltdown"

5. "The Roundabout" Is Also Pretty Common

6. And Although "The Torpedo" Is Rare, It's Very Effective

7. "The Lift" Is The Riskiest

8. "The Doubletime" Requires A Lot Of The Honoree

9. And "The Runaround" Is Very Flattering But Exhausting To Watch

10. But The Best Greeting Of All Is When They Skip All The Nonsense And Dive Right Into The Nuzzling