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Don’t Play League Of Legends Matches If You Don’t Accept These 4 Things

Points that close-minded players fail to accept as truth

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1. Comebacks Are Real


I remember a game I played around the time Sejuani was released. Three of us were left on the team to defend base because 2 others had disconnected. Surely, many would’ve quit. However, we held our own for a while against the other team and eventually won the game because one of our teammates came back. It was from that point on that, aside from a good team comp, knowing that a comeback is even slightly possible is enough to convince me that we can win.

The same should go for all players. Just giving up at the sight of any amount of bad events significantly lessens your chances of winning. Skill is one thing. A losing mindset is another, and dangerous in my opinion. Play until the end and see the progress you can make.

2. Teamwork Works


The game does not depend on you as a player. It depends on the chemistry and synergy within the team. If it’s not there, then you will most likely lose. This also goes for the people who place their faith in one player who is doing well. It’s good that you have faith in them, but don’t lose faith in your utility to the team. In some way shape or form you can turn the tides of a game too.

Everybody is there to win, except the trolls. Play like you want to win.

3. "So bad" and "Stop feeding" are Not Examples Constructive Feedback


Too many times I’ve seen people tell me and other players that we’re bad. As a result, they tell us our only solution is to uninstall the game. Why? What is it I keep doing for you to tell me to do the extreme and uninstall League? Why lose your shit over the mistakes of one lane? How bad are we as a team for you to sit in base and just watch us lose fights outnumbered? A better question: What can we do better?

The sad part is many of you are unable to answer that last question. At the end of the day, it’s your fault that you're teammate is losing fights constantly. You see what’s wrong, but expect them to figure it out instead of being a teammate and giving constructive feedback. The amount of time it took you to rage is precious time to type what to do next time. Instead, you give vague solutions and leaving players confused and frustrated on what their next steps are.

When your teammates are doing horribly, don’t get mad. Help them out! Tell them what to avoid doing next time so they can win more fights and die less. That’s what you wanted right?

4. Wins are Earned, Not Given


Something about playing League just convinces players that they are entitled to a win. Wins are nice, but entitlement is not. That expectation of believing nothing will ruin your chances of winning is the reason games go south. Think about it. Your expectation is that the first 20 minutes will go smoothly Teammates won’t be killed more than once. An enemy turret or three will be down before 20, and first blood is achieved by your team. I love to break it to you when I say that will not always be the case.

Players still make mistakes and have bad games. Your ADC will lose some fights. Your jungle will get counter-jungled and be behind in levels. Top and mid will get camped by that sticky Xin Zhao or elusive Lee Sin. How do you solve the problem? If your solution is to surrender, rage quit, and/or bash your team, then you damn sure shouldn’t play at all.

Just like any other game mode in League, the goal is for you AND your team to get better in order to win. Set up one individual goal for yourself before the game starts and work to achieve it. That means you need to stop bitching, suck it up, learn from your mistakes, and implement a new strategy when necessary. It may be as simple as focusing the squishy enemy players first in a team fight, learning when to fall back so your team isn’t baited, or placing wards everywhere so you’re not ganked every time. Believing that nothing will go wrong will ruin the rest of the game for you once that something happens.

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