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    12 Things Only SU Students Would Understand

    All we know is Bleed Orange!

    1. Over time, you've become an Olympic Skier.

    2. UU gave you so many cheap concerts that you're now convinced Ticketmaster is overcharging you.

    3. You hate the way the Bus Schedule works on Game Day.

    4. This guy will always convince you to buy more Syracuse gear.

    5. You're easily frustrated by having to walk up the tiny steps on the side of Schine.

    6. You have yet to get over this...

    7. You still freak out when people tell you that they're walking through Thornden Park at night.

    8. You're always reminded that it's Flip Night when loud girls in heels cut through the First Floor of Bird.

    9. You don't let anyone question why your mascot is an orange.

    10. Walking through the Quad in between classes makes you feel like you're the most famous person on campus.

    11. The thought of Marshall Street hasn't left your mind all day.

    12. You Miss Gertis McDowell