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9 American Things To Be Proud Of This July 4th

Well America, you've come a long way since 1776. From George Washington to Kim Kardashian, a lot sure has changed in the past 241 years. To celebrate America's big 241st, we've compiled a list of our 9 favorite American things.

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1. Netflix

....and let's take credit for "and chill" while we're at it.

2. Feet, inches, miles, Fahrenheit

Don’t let Europeans and other foreigners tell you that the metric system is “the best” and that ours “just doesn’t make sense” and is “too complicated”. Excuse us, but what even is a kilometer? #ImperialSystem4EVERRRR

3. Junk Food

Can you even begin to imagine a world with no Oreos, no Pringles, no Cheetos or Hershey’s? No? Good. You don’t have to. Because thanks to some super DOPE AMERICANS you will never have to face such an awful world.

4. Wikipedia

Thank you America for helping us not seem like complete clueless idiots who don’t know anything.

5. Democracy & Freedom

Oh yeah America just helped modernize and revolutionize humanity, promoted equality and created a better world. NBD.

6. Disney

Mickey Mouse, Belle, Hannah Montana, even Elsa and Anna are all part of the Disney family and thus American

7. The Internet

Oh hey world, you're welcome!

8. Beyonce

'nuff said.

9. Affordable Family Planning Healthcare in 41 States

....let's make sure to preserve what we love so much about America. Wanna know how you can do more to preserve the best parts of America? Read here!

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