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10 Childhood Joys Reinvented For Adults.

Mom can't stop you this time.

1. Going ham on some milk and cookies.

Going ham without the mess.

Desmond is the LeBron James of cookies.


2. Playing dress up and giving zero fucks what anyone thinks.

Wear mustaches while you pound beers.

"But, like, don't have a real mustache."


Or channel your inner Hagrid.

Literally makes you a viking.


3. Making potions out of every liquid in the bathroom/kitchen/garage.

Adultify your potions with an absinthe infusion kit.

Langston & Anu found the green fairy.


4. Throwing an imaginary tea party with your fave stuffed animals.

Throwing an actual tea party (but still inviting cute animals).

Priya has an awkward crush on this duck.


5. Collecting helpless creatures and imprisoning them in a jar.

Assembling this live terrarium will satisfy your creature cravings.

According to Megan, ball size matters.


6. Saving the world with action figures.*

Singing robot to rescue your boring desk.

Jillian's fave DJ (sorry Khaled).


7. Feeding all of the birds.

The joy of feeding birds without lurking at the local duck pond.

"Wait but, do birds get fat?"


8. Binging on a shit ton of halloween candy all at once.

Devour the world's largest gummy worm because you're not a baby are you?

Darth Vador joined the jumbo gummy worm diet.


Or if you're more of a Sour Patch Kid...

Abby doesn't give a shit about what her dentist thinks.


9. Pretending that you live in a galaxy far, far away.

Build your own AT-AT to manage all your cables and cords.

Iliana really wants to talk about The Force Awakens.


10. Drawing on things you shouldn't be.

Doodle on your pillows.

Jackie draws her dirty dreams.


Want more? Congratulations your bed is a now coloring book.

Carly writes adult messages on her duvet.


Have a drink n draw dinner party.

Elyse takes your tablecloth to the Guggenheim.


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