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15 Feels You Experience When Your Phone Dies At A Party

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1. Your phone is officially dead, but whatever.

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The internet is overrated anyway.

2. Wait, someone is BLATANTLY wrong and you can’t Wiki-check them to prove it.


These people need to KNOW.

3. The food looks amazing, but who knows if it’s gluten-free?


Screw you, gluten.

4. So now you’re starving, and Seamless is not an option.

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*real tears*

5. Time for SHOTS! You’re drunk-horny, but there’s nobody to swipe right for.


Tinder where are you!?!

6. Find some cute randos, put your hand on their faces, and either swipe your hand left or right to let them know if you’re interested.

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Actions speak louder than words.

7. It’s a match! Until your new bae starts dancing like a total freak and you can’t snap it.


Nobody gets your life.

8. You’re stuck listening to someone's 2 hour LMFAO playlist and there's nothing you can do about it.

Someone plz hijack this Bose dock.

Someone plz hijack this Bose dock.

9. Cellular withdrawal kicks in and you start offering people stick-and-poke tattoos so your hands have something to do.


It feels good to be useful.

10. You can’t handle making small talk with randos.



11. FOMO hits when you realize all the crucial group-text gossip you’re missing.


Pages of your life are just passing by.

12. Not knowing how many likes your pre-game selfie got is literally destroying you.

Less than 11 = DELETE.

Less than 11 = DELETE.

13. Time to GTFO, how did people do this before Uber?


Could this night get any longer?

14. Frantically ask every single person in the room/building/street for a charger.


We're all friends, right?!

15. NO, an iPhone 4 charger will NOT help.

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How are people still using those?

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