The Complete List Of People And Groups Who Take Worse Shots Than J.R. Smith

It’s a short list.

Guard J.R. Smith went 7 for 22 last night (with zero assists) in the Knicks’ awful loss to the Indiana Pacers, bringing his shooting percentage to a robust 28.5% in the teams’ second-round series. There are only a few entities in the world worse at shooting than J.R. Smith on a bad night. Here’s the comprehensive list.

1. Action Movie Villains

Still yet to hit G.I. Joe, the A-Team or John McClane.

2. College Kids

DreamWorks / courtesy Everett Collection

“This is a shot of tequila mixed with mustard and rust. It’s called a Rusty Tequila Mustard.” —bartenders

“We’re sold. Spring break.” —college kids

3. Instagram Food People

“Shoot” has more than one meaning. And you need to use all of them to find people who are worse at shooting than a cold J.R. Smith.

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