16 Wedding Day Disasters

There will be a few bumps on your big day. But no matter what happens, it’s never not a good time for a mike’s.

1. Even if you take a tumble during your big introduction,

2. or your bouquet toss ends in destruction.

AFV / Via youtube.com

3. Even if you run into a goose that’s upset,

4. Or fall off a fountain and get a little wet.

5. Even if stairs aren’t really your thing,

AFV / Via youtube.com

6. or if your officiant is clumsy with the ring.

7. Even if your dip doesn’t go according to plan,

8. or you take a golf cart when you should’ve taken a van.

AFV / Via youtube.com

9. Even if you slip out of your chair,

10. or show the whole party your underwear.

AFV / Via youtube.com

11. Even if you take a dip in the pool,

AFV / Via youtube.com

12. or if your best man is a major tool.

13. Even if you forget the bride’s head,

14. Or if a dog needs a hydrant, but finds you instead.

15. Even if the cake man takes a big fall,

16. or if the sprinkler system throws you a curveball.

AFV / Via youtube.com

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