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12 Times Exercising Was A Bad Idea

It's not supposed to be easy, but it also doesn't have to be this hard. Even if you're getting beat up by the gym, it's never not a good time for a refreshing mike's.

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1. Even if your long jump doesn't make it too far,

2. or if your beam skills aren't quite up to par.

3. Even if your flip is more of a flop,

4. or if your pull-up is more of a plop.

5. Even if your treadmill gets a bit slippy,

6. Or if your dip isn't too dippy.

7. Even if your running turns into a scare,

8. or if your rowboat is going nowhere.

9. Even if your stretching is unintentional,

10. Or if your leg extensions seem unconventional.

11. Even if your bench is more of a belly,

12. or if your legs start to feel like jelly.

It's never not a good time...

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