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11 Dance Moves That Went Terribly Wrong

Proceed with caution. Even if the whole Internet is laughing at you, remember: it's never not a good time for a refreshing mike's.

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1. Even if there's too much cat in your cat daddy.

2. Even if your time on the pole gets out of control.

3. Even if your cha cha slide is more of a ha ha slide.

4. Even if your moonwalk experiences some gravity.

5. Even if there's too much bump in your bump and grind.

6. Even if there's a little slip in your electric slide.

7. Even if your high kick is a little too high.

8. Even if your board walk lands you in the water.

9. Even if your pole spin could use some support.

10. Even if your running man isn't quite fast enough.

11. Even if you don't stick the landing.

Even then, It's never not a good time for a mike's.

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