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14 Challenges You Welcome Every Weekend You Go Out

Bring it on.

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1. Coordinating every single one of your friends.


2. Sidling up to a full bar.

3. Trying to get the bartender's attention.

4. Carrying more than three drinks.

5. Dealing with the hot new dubstep jam that someone decided to queue up.

6. Figuring out how to earn a buyback from your local friendly bartenders.

7. Spreading your wingman... uh, wings.

8. Deciding when it's time to break out the dance moves.

9. Unleashing some fresh air-guitar moves.

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10. Figuring out where to spend your bag of quarters.

11. Coping with the girl who decided she's Whitney Houston for the rest of karaoke night.

12. Cab-wrangling time.

13. Facing unexpected weather.

14. Realizing you're going to have to make an extra stop because this is you right now:

No matter what you face this weekend, though, it could always be HARDER.

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