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    This Woman Went To Her First Apple Event And Here's What She Learned

    “I almost took a laptop to the head!”

    Meet Quinta. She’s a producer at BuzzFeed. She attended the Apple event on Monday, and had lots of observations from her experience.

    The first thing she learned was that she looked a little different from a lot of the people there.

    And much to her surprise, they played pretty good music.

    Kevin, the guy presenting the Apple Watch, was not the best at drawing.

    And when Quinta learned that you could read full emails on the new Apple Watch, she realized she's not totally onboard with the idea of constant communication.

    She also learned that app developers were cooler than she anticipated they'd be.

    Overall, Quinta learned that Apple puts on a pretty awesome party, even though tech bloggers can be a little aggressive....

    Watch Quinta's full experience:

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