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    This Is What Happens When The Women In Horror Films Are Played By Men

    You’ve never seen a damsel in distress like this before.

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    We're all familiar with horror tropes: the screaming woman running from her killer while wearing minimal clothing, and about to die because she's just had sex (or something). So we thought it would be interesting to recreate famous horror scenes with men.

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    We recreated an example of the sexualization of violence, as seen by Freddy Krueger's intrusive hand in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

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    We showed the fear of being stalked by an unknown killer, a la Scream.

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    And lastly, here we have a soon-to-be victim at their most defenseless and vulnerable: naked in a shower.

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    ...A shower that is thoroughly, THOROUGHLY enjoyed. / Via BuzzFeed Yellow

    ...At least before the KNIFE-WIELDING MURDERER interrupts.

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