90 Glorious Seconds Of Food Porn

Can you make it through this without your mouth watering?

1. I think you need to sit down for this.

BuzzFeed Video / Via youtube.com

2. We’ll ease into it. Just start off spreading that butter. Spread it gooood.

Mark Emberton / Via vimeo.com

3. Ugh, this feels so wrong but so right. But I’m keeping it together.

Mark Emberton / Via vimeo.com

4. Can it be Thanksgiving already? Right now? Please?

Mark Emberton / Via vimeo.com

5. Oh…oh hello warm buns rising in the oven.

Elliot Sen / Via youtu.be

6. ARHJGKFG STAHP it I can’t handle this bacon-wrapped steak.

Scott Pitts / Via vimeo.com

7. Do you think you’re ready for dessert, love?

Mark Emberton / Via vimeo.com

8. Is this making you hungry? Or maybe even…horny?

Elliot Sen / Via youtu.be

9. Let’s just call it “horngry” for the sake of argument.

Ransom & Mitchell / Via vimeo.com

10. YES! YES! YESSS!!!

Mark Emberton / Via vimeo.com

11. When the FUCK is lunch?!

E! Academy Awards / Via thefrisky.com

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