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5 Ways To Earn Passive Income With Nothing But An iPhone

If you're not quitting your job by now, you should at least be doubling down at work.

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1. Nielsen Mobile Panel


Nielson just wants your data. When you register and download the Nielsen Mobile App, you’ll be rewarded just for using your iPhone. This can help you earn up to $50/year with one free download.

2. ENCR | Social Commerce


ENCR, pronounced 'Encore' was created with the success of the Kylie Jenner Official App in mind. This new platform allows influencers to offer premium content, exclusive commerce deals and early releases to fans willing to pay $2.99/month. ENCR aims to offer a safe haven to demonetized Youtube Creators.

3. Anchor FM


Anchor FM is like Snapchat for audio. This app allows you to record & promote your own personal podcast right from your phone. Through audio ads & promotions, podcasts such as 'This Week In Tech' earn as much as $50,000 per episode!

4. i-Say


i-Say is an online survey rewards community that’s dedicated to giving you a voice. This app allows you to earn rewards by taking surveys or creating your own. Sharp marketers are always looking for a fresh perspective, and this company wants to pay you for yours.

5. Poshmark


Poshmark is a mobile market place that allows you to shop for from people's closets & other people to shop from yours. Revolutionizing the way we shop, Poshmark brings new life to your unworn and lightly used apparel.

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