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    5 Lacrosse Lifestyle Brands For This Season

    As the game continues to win over the American youth, retailers work to capture the bold tenacity, charisma & passion which defines the lacrosse scene.

    1. Vision Wear Lacrosse Co.


    Embracing the mantra, " look good, feel good, play good," Vision Wear was founded in a college dorm room in 2014 by 3 teammates who felt the sport was misunderstood and wanted to build a brand that filled the void.

    2. MacDaddy Lax


    Based in Sunny Southern California, MacDaddy Lax portrays the bold, upbeat and often assertive spirit that defines the bonds formed between the lines.

    3. Encore Lacrosse


    Based out of San Francisco, Encore seeks to promote lacrosse culture through locally managed training programs which transcend borders, cultures and the sport itself. On top of their charitable projects, the company manufactures high quality apparel which reflects the vision.

    4. Tilt Clothing Co.


    Teamed up with guys like Scott Ratliff & Zack Dorn, TILT uses unadulterated firsthand stories, direct from the athlete, to bridge the culture gap between the retail floor and the crease.

    5. Alpha Lacrosse


    The alpha lacrosse lifestyle brand really hones in on the early mornings, late lifts & overall hard work that is required to be dominant in the sport. They work closely with top pros and ambassadors to create compelling video & blog content to keep players and fans of all ages in the loop.