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    Great Gifts From 17 Black Women-Owned Subscription Boxes

    A new business model, the subscription box, has been taking off over the past year. And there are many Black-women-owned subscription box businesses that are taking the lead. You can get anything you want including, panties, candles, books, make-up, even marshmallows! Treat yourself or your loved ones to some amazing products from the following 17 black women-owned subscription businesses.

    1. Get personalized styling recommendations and huge discounts with a subscription to DAVUL LYNN VIP.

    2. Did anybody say S’mores? If you are a fan of marshmallows (we all are, let’s face it) but you are looking for an alternative to the pork gelatin, then the MARSHMALLOW OF THE MONTH box is perfect for you!

    3. The lovely MY PANTY PACKsubscription decks your drawer with the best-curated panties ever. Pull out a smile every month as you receive another bootylicious treat of underwear!

    4. If you are a tea lover, then TRUE SERENITY TEA, a hand-blended tea subscription box, is for you.

    5. CALL NUMBER, a library-inspired book subscription box, is perfect if you love adding new books to your library and diving into the works of talented Black writers.

    6. LASHSCOOP is a premium lash subscription that delivers you with 5 new lash styles every month – so you can feel glam every time.

    7. TRIBE BEAUTY BOX prides itself on curating incredible products from criminally underrated and female-owned brands.

    8. Prioritize your self-care routine with RENEW BOX.

    9. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a budding mom-to-be, then nothing will be better than a subscription to BABY DUST BOX.

    10. Where are all of the beauty bookworms out there? If that’s you, BEAUTY AND A BOOK BOX subscription box has your name all over it.

    11. Who doesn’t like a little pampering every now and then? MY ME TIME BOX helps make that happen.

    12. THE BLACK BOX is easiest way to support Black-owned businesses.

    13. Do you want a subscription to match the luxurious lifestyle that you desire? The BLK LIFESTYLE BOX is for you.

    14. Develop your knowledge of Black history with THE SPOTLIGHT BOX.

    15. Protect your crown with THE BRAID KIT.

    16. THE SIDECHICK BOX adds passion to your love life.

    17. Feel good inside and out with FORTUNATELY INSPIRED.