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    Great Gifts From 17 Black Women-Owned Subscription Boxes

    A new business model, the subscription box, has been taking off over the past year. And there are many Black-women-owned subscription box businesses that are taking the lead. You can get anything you want including, panties, candles, books, make-up, even marshmallows! Treat yourself or your loved ones to some amazing products from the following 17 black women-owned subscription businesses.

    1. Get personalized styling recommendations and huge discounts with a subscription to DAVUL LYNN VIP.

    Davul Lynn / Via

    Davul Lynn is an apparel store that caters to the empowered career-driven woman of color. Our focus is to provide professional, yet stylish, apparel and accessories to the women of today who wear multiple hats!

    Davul Lynn VIP is a monthly clothing and accessories subscription service that allows you to shop in two ways – you can shop the regular store, or you can sign up for a VIP membership, which allows you to shop looks that are personalized for you at a 40% discount. As you shop, you’ll also earn points that can be applied towards future purchases.

    What are Customers Saying: " Davul Lynn has done it again! My stylist is always spot on to what works best for my body shape. She really helps take the guesswork out of it for me.” -Nicole P.

    Price: VIP membership plans start at $49.99. Get your subscription HERE.

    2. Did anybody say S’mores? If you are a fan of marshmallows (we all are, let’s face it) but you are looking for an alternative to the pork gelatin, then the MARSHMALLOW OF THE MONTH box is perfect for you!

    Edible Opus

    The all-natural ingredients and colors are guaranteed to melt in your mouth. This monthly marshmallow goodie box comes with a variety of incredibly cute looking marshmallows, curated teas, coffees, and cocoas.

    What Customers are Saying:
    "I am so glad I found this subscription! I signed up for myself and purchased a box for a gift. Everything is so good and curated so wonderfully. Chef Farrell is amazing!" - Kim C.

    Price: Plans as low as $20 per month. Get your subscription HERE.

    3. The lovely MY PANTY PACKsubscription decks your drawer with the best-curated panties ever. Pull out a smile every month as you receive another bootylicious treat of underwear!


    A thoughtful self-care gift this holiday season, each month, you will receive two unique pairs of panties tailored to you, delivered to your doorstep. From panties so comfy they feel like butterflies on the skin to sexy and sultry panties that bring out the diva in you, our carefully selected duo each month makes you feel absolutely amazing beneath.

    What Customers are Saying:
    I got my first My Panty Pack in the mail today! 😍😍😍. It came so fast and was packaged so nicely 🥰 I love them so much they are so nice and the red pair are my new fav.👍🏾 They feel so soft on my skin. And the styles are something I would choose in a department store, sexy and comfortable. I would highly recommend this subscription.” - Chanel C.

    Save 30% off your first order with code BUZZ30.

    Price: Plans start at $16 per month. Get your subscription HERE.

    4. If you are a tea lover, then TRUE SERENITY TEA, a hand-blended tea subscription box, is for you.

    True Serenity Tea / Via

    Each month you can receive 4 curated samples of award-winning, classic, or luxurious teas that will indulge you to have some “Me-time” and recharge.

    What Customers are Saying:
    “I bought several packs of this tea two years ago and still have a few today. This morning I opened one of them. The Snow White tea is as fresh as it was the day it was packaged. My cup of tea is delicious. Thank you True Serenity for your high-quality products!”- Bridgette

    Price: Plans start at $9.99. Get your subscription HERE.

    5. CALL NUMBER, a library-inspired book subscription box, is perfect if you love adding new books to your library and diving into the works of talented Black writers.

    Call Number / Via

    Each quarter, you will get the chance to explore newly released fiction or nonfiction books that celebrate the work of contemporary Black authors. With each box subscription, you will also receive a few bookish items that relate to the theme of the curated books.

    What Customers are Saying:
    "The curating of items for this box is top-notch and relevant to the book selection. The insert explaining each item and its relation to the book is the best of all the book boxes I subscribe to--it is the only one that uses full sentences, proper punctuation and grammar, and elegant stationery, I couldn't be more pleased with Call Number." – Charles

    Price: Plans start at $23 per month. Get your subscription HERE.

    6. LASHSCOOP is a premium lash subscription that delivers you with 5 new lash styles every month – so you can feel glam every time.

    Tribe Beauty

    You probably know the struggle – you wake up feeling confident, spend time perfecting your makeup, and gluing your fake lashes, just to see that one of your lashes is on the verge of falling by lunchtime! With these high-quality, light-weight, and vegan lashes you will never have to worry about that happening to you!

    What Customers are Saying:
    "My goddaughter and I split on this monthly subscription. I have received so many compliments on them! I am on week 2 with my first pair and I wear them at least 5 days a week. This is the makeup subscription you never thought you needed - I'm in love!" - Brianna K.

    Price: The subscription plan is for only $11.99 per month. Get your subscription HERE.

    7. TRIBE BEAUTY BOX prides itself on curating incredible products from criminally underrated and female-owned brands.

    Tribe Beauty / Via

    There are a lot of subscription boxes out there geared towards beauty and personal care. However, none of them will ever match Tribe Beauty Box. Each box contains five cruelty-free and high-quality products, most of which are bound to become her next holy grail! Tribe Beauty Box aims to help their customers discover items that are aesthetically-pleasing, affordable, and work well for them – now, what woman would say no to that?

    What Customers are Saying:
    This box is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill box. The CEO is a beautiful blessing who cares about her customers. The products you receive are not the same old recirculating brands. They go above and beyond to find new and exciting products for their subscription. I will never cancel this box.” – Jennifer H.

    Price: Tribe Beauty Box plans start at $34.99 per box. Get your subscription HERE.

    8. Prioritize your self-care routine with RENEW BOX.

    Renew Box / Via

    Taking the time to take care of oneself is crucial because of the stressful and fast-paced lifestyles that nearly all of us lead. Renew Box makes self-care much simpler and more accessible, thanks to its seasonal curation of health and wellness items that range from fragrant bath products to delicious coffee. This is a gift that will remind her to take care of herself, making her feel loved and even more special.

    What Customers are Saying:
    “Ekkkkkk! I found my first Renew Box on my porch this morning and to say I am excited is an understatement! Never before have I received a box that I will actually use everything in it. This season had so many great items. I seriously encourage others to join.” – Customer Review

    Price: Renew Box plans start at $52.99 per season. Get your subscription HERE.

    9. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a budding mom-to-be, then nothing will be better than a subscription to BABY DUST BOX.

    Becca Bond Photography

    Baby Dust Box is the nation’s leading fertility subscription box for women and couples trying to conceive. The company delivers an amazing collection of doctor-approved ovulation and pregnancy tests, as well as a few other gifts that will do nothing but encourage and pamper her. Want to give her the gift of a lifetime? Then, this is definitely it.

    What Customers are Saying:
    “I am pregnant! This was a great subscription box. I contribute the reason we got pregnant so fast was the monthly supply of ovulation and pregnancy tests. Thank you!” – Customer Review

    Price: Baby Dust Box plans start at $39.99. Get your subscription HERE.

    10. Where are all of the beauty bookworms out there? If that’s you, BEAUTY AND A BOOK BOX subscription box has your name all over it.

    Beauty and a Book / Via

    Beauty and a Book Box is a quarterly subscription box that promotes balance in literacy and self-care for tweens, teens and adults. Each box includes a novel, book/writing accessories, and self-care/cosmetic items. The perfect gift for people that love books & beauty products.

    What Customers are Saying:
    "I got this subscription for daughter who was having a hard time keeping her spirits lifted. She used to love reading and lost all of her books. This box is absolutely perfect for her. Nice assortment of product to help her look her best as well books to make her feel her best because of inspiration in the pages of them. Customer service is out of this world. I recommend this to anyone who is an avid reader. Its nice to have someone pick it for you because it opens your mind to something you never would have picked up on your own." - Alyssa R.

    Price: Plans start at $37.99. Get your subscription HERE.

    11. Who doesn’t like a little pampering every now and then? MY ME TIME BOX helps make that happen.

    My Me Time / Via

    Enjoy this self-care subscription box for women. Every month subscriptions receive a themed curated box of 6-8 products to use for self-care and an activity. The boxes are created with entrepreneurs, mothers, caretakers, and busy women in mind.

    What Customers are Saying:
    “Ladies, this is the launch box of My Me Time Box and let me tell you... I am in LOVE. This box was perfectly curated. This box has a little of everything from a Scarf to Chocolate. I was very impressed with everything that was included in this box. You've outdone yourselves My Me Time Box. Thank you for making an amazing box.” -Cher

    Price: Plans start at $45. Get your subscription HERE.

    12. THE BLACK BOX is easiest way to support Black-owned businesses.

    The Black Box / Via

    The Black Box is a quarterly subscription box exposing you to the amazing things happening in Black-owned businesses, today.

    What Customers are Saying:
    “I wanted to start supporting black businesses more. This subscription has enabled me to do that and introduced me to brands that I have become my go to for products. Black box annual subscription was by far my best purchase of 2019. I cannot wait to support the years to come!” - Libert

    Price: Plans start at $74.95 per quarter. Get your subscription HERE.

    13. Do you want a subscription to match the luxurious lifestyle that you desire? The BLK LIFESTYLE BOX is for you.

    Blk Lifestyle / Via

    The Blk Lifestyle box is a luxury box filled with all of your everyday essentials and shipped right to your doorstep, this box is filled with 12-16 organic and sustainable products from a variety of Black-owned businesses making it easy for you to support Black businesses.

    You can purchase the box one time as a gift or for yourself, if you love it, subscribe and choose the frequency that works for you.

    What Customers are Saying:
    “A little bit of luxe with a modern feel and all eco-friendly/sustainable products, and ALL BLACK-OWNED! LOVE my hand sanitizer and my body loofah. I’m keeping stocked and clean with my monthly subscription! Can’t wait for more products!” - Moses

    Price: Plans start at $99. Get your subscription HERE.

    14. Develop your knowledge of Black history with THE SPOTLIGHT BOX.

    Spotlight / Via

    Spotlight was born at the end of June when our country was awakening to supporting our community and looking for ways to learn more about Black history. Each month, there is a “spotlight” on products from 1-2 female Black businesses along with information on a Black history event/icon or topic & an exclusive online group to discuss the monthly topic.

    What Customers are Saying:
    Being a subscriber to the Spotlight Subscription Box is truly a joy. The items in the monthly box are of superior quality and are beautifully arranged. In addition to the tangible treasures received in the box, the information and discussions around the black community, culture, and women business owners is educational and inspiring. Spotlight is more than a box of goodies, it’s a breath of fresh air that cultivates a blissful awakening of the soul”. -Tiffany

    Price: Plans start at $49. Get your subscription HERE.

    15. Protect your crown with THE BRAID KIT.

    Braid Kit / Via

    Ladies! Our hair is our crown. It’s important to care for our hair and protect our fragile strands. Braid Kit is a bimonthly subscription box that provides supplies for protective styles. Each kit includes everything you’ll need to install your look (braiding hair, products, accessories, and tools).

    What Customers are Saying:
    “This box is such an amazing idea! I liked that the kit featured a Black-owned product and a tutorial of the recommended style to follow along with. I can’t wait to see what’s in the December box.” -Maya

    Price: Plans start at $84. Get your subscription HERE.

    16. THE SIDECHICK BOX adds passion to your love life.

    Side Chick / Via

    Are you and your boo tired of the same old routine? Do you need to add a bit of excitement in your life? We have the subscription for you! The Side Chick Box is a themed role-play box for adult couples. Our boxes include lingerie, cosmetics, and adult toys. Ooh la-la!

    What Customers are Saying:
    "This box is amazing, other boxes can't compare." -Simone M.

    Price: Plans start at $90. Get your subscription HERE.

    17. Feel good inside and out with FORTUNATELY INSPIRED.

    Fortunately Inspired / Via

    Fortunately Inspired is a thoughtfully curated lifestyle subscription box with practical products for women to feel and look good. A subscription box for successful women with beauty, style, and self in mind!

    What Customers are Saying: "Fortunately Inspired is such a sweet and inspiring box with so many goodies. I absolutely love it!" -Maya

    Price: Plans start at $36.95. Get your subscription HERE.

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