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    Five Of The Best Black Women-Owned Subscription Boxes Under $25

    A new business model, the subscription box, has been taking off over the past year. And there are many Black-women-owned subscription box businesses that are taking the lead. You can get anything you want including, panties, candles, books, make-up, even marshmallows! Treat yourself or your loved ones to some amazing products from some of the following black women-owned subscription businesses, all under $25!

    1. My Panty Pack

    sexy and comfortable panties
    My Panty Pack / Via

    Pull out a smile every month as you receive another bootylicious treat of underwear! The lovely My Panty Pack subscription decks your drawer with the best-curated panties ever.

    A thoughtful self-care gift this holiday season, each month, you will receive two unique pairs of panties tailored to you, delivered to your doorstep. From panties so comfy they feel like butterflies on the skin to sexy and sultry panties that bring out the diva in you, our carefully selected duo each month makes you feel absolutely amazing beneath.

    What Customers are Saying:
    “I got my first My Panty Pack in the mail today! 😍😍😍. It came so fast and was packaged so nicely 🥰 I love them so much they are so nice and the red pair are my new fav.👍🏾 They feel so soft on my skin. And the styles are something I would choose in a department store, sexy and comfortable. I would highly recommend this subscription.” - Chanel C.

    Price: Plans start at $16 per month. Get a subscription HERE.

    2. Marshmallow of the Month

    Edible Opus / Via

    Did anybody say S’mores? If you are a fan of marshmallows (we all are, let’s face it) but you are looking for an alternative to the pork gelatin, then this sweetness box is perfect for you! The all-natural ingredients and colors are guaranteed to melt in your mouth. This monthly marshmallow goodie box comes with a variety of incredibly cute looking marshmallows, curated teas, coffees, and cocoas.

    What Customers are Saying:
    "I am so glad I found this subscription! I signed up for myself and purchased a box for a gift. Everything is so good and curated so wonderfully. Chef Farrell is amazing!" - Kim C.

    Price: Plans as low as $20 per month. Get a subscription HERE.

    3. True Serenity Tea

    True Serenity Tea / Via

    If you are a tea lover, then this hand-blended tea subscription box is for you. Each month you can receive 4 curated samples of award-winning, classic, or luxurious teas that will indulge you to have some “Me-time” and recharge.

    What Customers are Saying:
    I bought several packs of this tea two years ago and still have a few today. This morning I opened one of them. The Snow White tea is as fresh as it was the day it was packaged. My cup of tea is delicious. Thank you True Serenity for your high-quality products!”- Bridgette

    Price: Plans start at $9.99. Get a subscription HERE.

    4. Call Number

    Call Number / Via

    If you love adding new books to your library and diving into the works of talented Black writers, then this library-inspired book subscription box is for you! Each quarter, you will get the chance to explore newly released fiction or nonfiction books that celebrate the work of contemporary Black authors. With each box subscription, you will also receive a few bookish items that relate to the theme of the curated books.

    What Customers are Saying:
    "The curating of items for this box is top-notch and relevant to the book selection. The insert explaining each item and its relation to the book is the best of all the book boxes I subscribe to--it is the only one that uses full sentences, proper punctuation and grammar, and elegant stationery, I couldn't be more pleased with Call Number." – Charles

    Price: Plans start at $23 per month. Get a subscription HERE.


    Tribe Beauty Box / Via

    You probably know the struggle – you wake up feeling confident, spend time perfecting your makeup, and gluing your fake lashes, just to see that one of your lashes is on the verge of falling by lunchtime! With these high-quality, light-weight, and vegan lashes you will never have to worry about that happening to you! This premium lash subscription delivers you with 5 new lash styles every month – so you can feel glam every time.

    What Customers are Saying:
    "My goddaughter and I split on this monthly subscription. I have received so many compliments on them! I am on week 2 with my first pair and I wear them at least 5 days a week. This is the makeup subscription you never thought you needed - I'm in love!" - Brianna K.

    Price: The subscription plan is for only $11.99 per month. Get a subscription HERE.