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ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Killed Himself During A US Military Raid

Baghdadi's terror group took control of large areas of Syria and Iraq and carried out horrific attacks and murders. The group has since been significantly incapacitated.

Tom Namako 16 days ago

The Kurds Were Fighting ISIS Long Before The US Was. This Is What It Was Like.

Before the US joined the war on ISIS, before Trump abandoned them, the Kurds were waging a lonely fight against the jihadis in a forgotten patch of Syria. This is their origin story.

Mike Giglio 27 days ago

Inside The Shadow War Fought By Russian Mercenaries

The Wagner Group has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle but blurs the line between what is and isn’t happening on Moscow’s orders.

Mike Giglio 6 months ago

How Trump's Withdrawal Threatens The Secretive Hunt For ISIS Members In Syria

The inability of US forces to eliminate al-Qaeda networks in Iraq helped it reorganize as ISIS after Barack Obama withdrew troops in 2011.

Mike Giglio 9 months ago

Four Americans Died In An Attack In Syria, Raising More Questions About Trump's Withdrawal Plan

The American dead included two soldiers, a US security contractor, and a civilian Defense Department employee, according to US Central Command.

Mike Giglio 10 months ago

The US Envoy On ISIS, Brett McGurk, Has Quit In Protest Over Trump's Withdrawal From Syria

It's the second major resignation over the president's decision in as many days.

Amber Jamieson 10 months ago

Trump’s Surprise Withdrawal From Syria Betrays Allies and Bolsters Rivals

BuzzFeed News reveals that the US is preparing to shut down a key base near Syria’s border with Jordan that some US officials have cast as part of efforts to counter Iran.

Mike Giglio 10 months ago

Trump's Decision To Withdraw Troops From Syria Has Allies There Wondering About Their Future

The decision was announced Wednesday with little preparation. Even in recent days, there had been no hints of a rapid end to the US presence there.

Mike Giglio 10 months ago

The Trump White House Says ISIS Has Been Defeated In Iraq. The Data Says Otherwise.

Kurdish intelligence has documented scores of attacks around former ISIS strongholds.

Mike Giglio One year ago

Iran Is Watching Silently As The Khashoggi Killing Tests US–Saudi Relations

"Why would they get in the way when their adversary is committing an own goal of epic proportions?”

Mike Giglio One year ago

The Bitter Rivalry Between Turkey And Saudi Arabia Is Muddying What US Officials Think They Know About The Saudi Journalist's Disappearance

Turkey and Saudi Arabia each have a stake in undermining the other, complicating Washington's search for answers.

Mike Giglio One year ago

Trump's New Iran Strategy, Inspired By The Cold War, Calls For "Maximum Pressure"

An out-of-print book on Ronald Reagan's strategy against the Soviet Union is seen as inspiration for the Trump administration's Iran policy.

Mike Giglio One year ago
Munzer al-Awad One year ago

The Trump Administration Is Signaling A Tougher Line On Iran With A New Task Force

Is the creation of the Iran Action Group at the State Department more of the same or a sign of a more aggressive US policy?

Emily Tamkin One year ago

Congress May Hold Russia Responsible For Iran’s Actions In Syria

A bipartisan proposal would ask the Trump administration to determine if Russia has aided Iran and Hezbollah in Syria.

Mike Giglio One year ago

Counterprotesters Far Outnumbered "Unite The Right" White Supremacists In Washington, DC

While hundreds of people were out on the streets of the nation's capital on Sunday, some reporters estimated that only 20 white nationalists were among them.

Ellie Hall One year ago

In A Surprisingly Broad Declaration, US Singles Out Human Rights Abusers And Corrupt Officials

The list includes an Israeli billionaire, the head of Nicaragua's electoral commission, and the former president of Gambia.

Mike Giglio One year ago

The Same Smuggling Routes That Helped Build ISIS Are Now Helping Its Members Escape

US officials say most of ISIS fighters have died on the battlefield. Smugglers along the Syria-Turkey border say many have escaped.

Mike Giglio One year ago

BuzzFeed News Investigation Leads To US Admission It Caused Civilian Deaths In Mosul

The US-led coalition fighting ISIS has admitted responsibility for the deaths of 36 civilians in three military strikes in Mosul after they were detailed in a BuzzFeed News investigation.

Mike Giglio 2 years ago

CIA Releases The Last Batch Of Bin Laden Documents Six Years After His Death

The hundreds of thousands of files contain the first adult photos of bin Laden's son Hamza – considered al-Qaeda's "leader in waiting."

Mike Giglio 2 years ago