17 Children's Shows Ranked By How Annoying They Are To Parents

    Even the best shows can get old after the tenth re-watch of the same episode, but some children's shows are just awful the first time around.]

    In this list, I break down the 17 shows I've watched most frequently with my toddler, ranked by how much they've grown to annoy me.

    17. Least annoying: Bluey

    animated dog parents and dog kids smile while sitting in the woods

    16. Doc McStuffins

    doc mcstuffins sits behind an animated band-aid, smiling

    15. Peppa Pig

    peppa pig's parents and her brother, smiling and sitting in grass

    14. The Wiggles

    the wiggles and a person in a bear costume dance and sing on a stage

    13. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    donald duck, mickey mouse, minnie mouse

    12. Vampirina

    animated gargoyle, vampire girl, and ghost with relaxed faces

    11. Catie's Classroom/Super Simple Songs

    catie (a woman with a long braid) plays an acoustic guitar in a classroom

    10. Veggie Tales: In The House

    A bunch of Veggie Tales vegetables stand around in super hero costumes

    9. PJ Masks

    The three main PJ Masks characters talk to their robot

    8. Sophia the First

    Sophia from Sophia the First stands with her family in a ballroom

    7. Puppy Dog Pals

    Two puppies from Puppy Dog Pals talk with three mice

    6. Blippi

    Blippi sits thoughtfully behind a toy food truck

    5. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhoood

    Daniel Tiger talks to Prince Tuesday

    4. Little Baby Bum

    A farmer stands next to a cow and a pig

    3. Pinkfong

    The pink fox mascot of Pink Fong swims between two purple fish while wearing scuba gear and flippers

    2. Cocomelon

    Characters from the show Cocomelon rub their stomachs as they dance to a song

    1. Most Annoying: Super Jojo

    Characters from the show Super Jojo brush their teeth