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    17 Children's Shows Ranked By How Annoying They Are To Parents

    Even the best shows can get old after the tenth re-watch of the same episode, but some children's shows are just awful the first time around.]

    In this list, I break down the 17 shows I've watched most frequently with my toddler, ranked by how much they've grown to annoy me.

    17. Least annoying: Bluey

    animated dog parents and dog kids smile while sitting in the woods
    ABC Kids / Via

    The animation is fun, the storylines are entertaining, I can sympathize with the parents, and the kid characters aren't annoying. A+ writing and execution all around.

    16. Doc McStuffins

    doc mcstuffins sits behind an animated band-aid, smiling
    Disney / Via

    Big kudos to the creators of this show. Not only is the writing not awful, I appreciate how much it actually helps kids cope with visits to the doctor. "See? It's just like Doc McStuffins!" is a phrase we've uttered more than once at the pediatrician AND IT WORKS. That in itself makes this one worth the watch.

    15. Peppa Pig

    peppa pig's parents and her brother, smiling and sitting in grass
    Channel 5/Nick Jr. / Via

    This is an older show (2004), but it's still popular and I've still ended up watching quite a bit of it. It follows a very similar story formula to Bluey, but with British pigs who interject grunts in between every ten or so words.

    14. The Wiggles

    the wiggles and a person in a bear costume dance and sing on a stage
    ABC Music / Via

    I'll hand it to The Wiggles, I have sat through the 2 seasons of their show on Netflix at least a dozen times and their various offerings on YouTube a few dozen more. And, while I'd very, very much like for my toddler to add a little more variety to her TV diet, it still holds up. They vary the songs from episode to episode, so you don't end up hearing the same earworms over and over and over again.

    13. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    donald duck, mickey mouse, minnie mouse
    Disney Jr. / Via

    Solidly middle-of-the-road. It's no Bluey, but Disney's formulaic episodes and tried-and-true characters make for a tolerable experience.

    12. Vampirina

    animated gargoyle, vampire girl, and ghost with relaxed faces
    Disney Jr. / Via

    An age-old story of a misfit trying to fit in as a regular kid in small-town Pennsylvania. Just don't think about how she's supposed to be 200 years old but hangs out with kindergarteners. Bonus: Lauren Graham, James Van Der Beek, and Wanda Sykes all lend their voices, which is kind of a fun little Easter egg for adults watching.

    11. Catie's Classroom/Super Simple Songs

    catie (a woman with a long braid) plays an acoustic guitar in a classroom
    Super Simple / Via

    Decent. Catie's lessons are helpful and educational for kids. I just don't understand the puppet she talks to sometimes. Catie's Classroom is part of the Super Simple Songs portfolio, but their other offerings seem like they're mostly just repetitive nursery rhymes song by puppets.

    10. Veggie Tales: In The House

    A bunch of Veggie Tales vegetables stand around in super hero costumes
    NBCUniversal / Via

    If you were a fan of the classic Veggie Tales movies, prepare to be slightly bothered by some of the characters having new voices. Other than that, this is a fun little show. Not as inventive as the original movies, but entertaining nonetheless.

    9. PJ Masks

    The three main PJ Masks characters talk to their robot
    Entertainment One / Via

    A solid little show about crime fighters in pajamas fighting the same three or four villains over and over again, as superheroes tend to do. Think of this as an intro to Kim Possible-esque shows for today's kids.

    8. Sophia the First

    Sophia from Sophia the First stands with her family in a ballroom
    Disney Jr. / Via

    A perfectly acceptable show. Princesses, magic, talking animals, hijinks. it's like a Disney mad libs designed a show. It's fine. Not great, but not bad. Do I sometimes root for the evil sorcerer who's out to get Sophia the First? Absolutely. But I also don't mind when my daughter decides she wants to watch this.

    7. Puppy Dog Pals

    Two puppies from Puppy Dog Pals talk with three mice
    Disney / Via

    Two puppies going on adventures, sometimes with a robot dog or a hamster. Their owner is some sort of hapless inventor. It's a nice change of pace show, but not something I'd choose to watch every day.

    6. Blippi

    Blippi sits thoughtfully behind a toy food truck
    YouTube / Via

    I have mixed feelings about Blippi. At first it was fine. He teaches kids about planes and trucks and stuff and goes to a chocolate factory and a bakery. There's variety and he clearly spends time creating these songs. But this isn't about what shows are good on the first watch. After watching the same Blippi episodes a dozen times each, his antics start to get to be a bit much.

    5. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhoood

    Daniel Tiger talks to Prince Tuesday
    9 Story Distribution / Via

    It's fine. Nothing too imaginative, but it's got a little of the nostalgia factor for anyone who grew up watching Fred Rogers. It can remind you of how good the original series was without quite reaching that level itself.

    4. Little Baby Bum

    A farmer stands next to a cow and a pig
    YouTube / Via

    Classic songs sung by weirdly animated characters. Thankfully, my daughter seemed to get bored of this pretty quickly.

    3. Pinkfong

    The pink fox mascot of Pink Fong swims between two purple fish while wearing scuba gear and flippers
    SmartStudy / Via

    I have to hand it to the Pinkfong team. They took an existing song without a copyright and leveraged it into an entire franchise. That being said, these songs get old fast, and way too much of their content is just riffing on their original "Baby Shark" hit.

    2. Cocomelon

    Characters from the show Cocomelon rub their stomachs as they dance to a song
    Netflix/Hulu / Via

    Not the most annoying, but getting there. The voices and mouths don't match up, there's weird background giggling, the wavy hand motions the people are always doing are disconcerting, and the songs are mostly just the same tunes with different words (and, spoiler alert, half of those tunes are "Baby Shark"). The creator of this show actually had the audacity to call it the next Peppa Pig. Laughable, imo!

    1. Most Annoying: Super Jojo

    Characters from the show Super Jojo brush their teeth
    Prime Video/YouTube / Via

    Not content with how awful Cocomelon is, someone created this hellish monstrosity. This is the Calliou for a new generation. It's a blatant ripoff of Cocomelon, but with somehow even worse disembodied voices, and weirder animation. The spawn of hell and creation of evil. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. 

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