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    Women Were Pranked With Awful Makeovers... And It Was Hilarious

    “You don’t wanna end up looking like a clown…”

    We brought in three lucky ladies to get makeovers of a lifetime, aka prank them into thinking they were getting Kylie Jenner's look. They didn't get to see themselves until the finished product, so needless to say they were very confused.

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    The women were brought in and interviewed about how they felt about getting a fabulous new look, and Jade was just excited to experience her first makeover.

    Makeup artist Denise thought Michelle deserved some raccoon eyes and cat whiskers.


    That reaction though...

    Jade was given the gift of terrible contouring and a foundation color way off her own skin tone.

    At least she tried to be nice?

    Mallory received the best clown makeup of all time with some pink highlights.

    She ended up scaring herself...

    Better luck next time, gals.