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    People Try Chatroulette For The First Time

    "There's gonna be a lot of nudity, I feel."

    We found a bunch of people who had never tried Chatroulette, a webcam chat service that randomly pairs users with people all over the world, to give it a shot.

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    Some of them had wanted to try it before, but hadn't worked up the courage. But now was their moment.

    They knew there was going to be unsolicited nudity, but some of them were ready.

    It was time to start chatting!

    Pretty soon, though, there were shirtless dudes everywhere.

    And a couple creeps here and there.

    Some of it got kinda nasty.

    It was anarchy out there!

    At this point, even our participants were getting into the flirty spirit of things.

    But after some time, most groups found a great conversationalist on the site, amongst the penises.

    Even still, Chatroulette might not be the best place on the internet to make friends.

    In the end, one participant described the experience like fishing. "Once you caught one, I didn't want to offend him, I didn't want to scare him off. I wanted to have a conversation."

    Even though it's filled with naked creeps, there's a small chance at meeting someone awesome!