How To Outsmart A Bloodhound

    "I'm hugely confident that my dog is going to find you."

    Welcome to Outsmarted, a show where we attempt to outsmart trained professionals in high-stakes situations. On this episode we will try outsmarting a bloodhound. Will we succeed? Check it out here:

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    Meet our host, Mike, and his competitors, Lori and Ledoux. Mike believes that he is able to escape the trail of this bloodhound and his owner.

    If Mike is unable to escape the bloodhound, Mike will eat dog food. If Mike succeeds, Ledoux will have to watch Mike dance and trash-talk him. Either way, things were going to get weird.

    What the bloodhound didn't know was that Mike spent the last month planning the perfect escape. Step one, prepare your master plan.

    Mike did a lot of research and discovered that dogs can smell people's body odors and dead skin cells. This means Mike had to alter the way his own body functions.

    Bloodhound owner Lori wanted Mike to have a 30 minute head start so that his scent would linger. They agreed Mike wouldn't go farther than half a mile from the starting point.

    As the timer begins, Mike starts walking with a beach chair. He walks down the street at normal speed and heads around the corner.

    Waiting one block away are three of Mike's accomplices. Who are these people?

    Two days ago, Mike handed secret supplies to these accomplices. You'll have to wait and see what he gave them.

    Here's the first problem Mike has to solve: his body will be dropping dead skin cells throughout the chase and the bloodhound will easily smell them.

    Mike does what everyone does when they don't want to be smelled. Step two, take your clothes off and cover yourself in vaseline.

    Wil hands Mike his old clothes to confuse the dog even more. Kaitlyn hands Mike boot scent pads, which he slip onto the bottom of his shoes.

    Next she hands Mike his secret weapon... a bottle of skunk odor. Step three, distract the bloodhound with as many scents as possible.

    Mike pours the skunk odor onto his shoe scent pads.

    The smell is so disgusting that Kaitlyn nearly vomits.

    Honora brings out Mike's unwashed laundry that he gave her two days ago. Mike's accomplices separate the laundry into three piles and place them onto three radio-controlled cars. These little dump trucks will keep his laundry close to the ground during the entire getaway.

    Kaitlyn hands Mike the last item he needs for the road: a container of coyote urine.

    Each person has their own distinct path to follow which Mike provided them with the day before.

    Mike's 30 minute head start is over. The bloodhound now has 30 minutes to hunt Mike down.

    Before the challenge, Lori requested Mike to put some of his recently worn clothes in a plastic bag to share with the bloodhound.

    Ledoux has come against a few intersections and spots a chicken bone. Lori believes that Mike left them as a distraction. He did not.

    During Mike's getaway, he squirts coyote urine on his shoe scent pads. Step four, add coyote urine and have accomplices walk separately with your old clothes.

    Wil's car breaks down midway through the challenge. Like a good friend, he carried it low to the ground and continued on his path.

    Mike stumbles upon several overflowing trash bins and realizes that they could be useful. Mike presses his feet against them to leave his scent everywhere. Step five, use your environment as an opportunity.

    Ledoux comes across a mobile toilet. Was Mike there? No, he wasn't.

    Time was ticking and Ledoux is stressing out. Mike crosses the street to his destination, half a mile from the starting point.

    Mike sets up his beach chair and begins to chillax. He takes a deep breathe and lets his mind wander. Step six, stop and enjoy life.

    Time is up. The bloodhound wasn't fooled by any of Mike's stinky tricks, but he lost Mike's trail. This means the bloodhound has lost the challenge.

    With Mike's victory, he had the pleasure to dance for Ledoux.

    That's a wrap everyone! We were able to outsmart a bloodhound and we were proud. Tune in next week to see who we will outsmart next!