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    Posted on May 8, 2013

    What It's Like When You Attempt A Pinterest Craft

    That thing you saw on Pinterest looks so easy. And fun! A child could probably do it, you think. And then you begin.

    You see something on Pinterest and think ... yes!

    Man Made / Via

    I have a free half hour. I can do this!

    You assemble all your supplies.

    Best. Day. Ever!

    Then you reach step one and are like, the fuck?

    Melt the who over what now?

    You take a moment to think the worst of people.

    OK, all better. Step four: Grab your ... huh?

    What does that even MEAN?

    NO. I don't need any help thank you very much STOP LOOKING AT ME!

    You take another moment.

    Step 27. Wait. What? Twenty seven? Why is this happening to me!

    Then suddenly ... a revelation.

    You slather on step 35. Slap on step 42. Boom. That shit's done.

    You post a photo and all your friends are like:

    And you say: It's flawless, that's what it is.

    So yes, tell me more about how it's not perfect.


    I'll be right here, giving all the fucks.

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