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15 Ways To Take Your Me-Time To The Next Level

It's important to spoil yourself now and then. Luckily, Mikado King Choco knows how to take your me-time to the next level.

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1. Plan a day in bed


Take your lie-in to the next level by planning it. Set your alarm, just for the pleasure of turning it off, get a stack of books and invest in some hotel-quality bed linen (try eBay for this) and spray it with lavender linen spray.

Bring the kettle and a flask of milk (if you don't have a mini fridge) in to the bedroom and spend the day reading or watching terrible movies in bed with a never ending cup of tea.

2. Only get dressed if you're getting dressed into more pyjamas / Via

One of the best things about having a me-day is not wearing human clothes. Throw out anything you'd be embarrassed opening the door to the postman in and invest in some quality slobwear: Primark onesies if you're on a budget or M&S cashmere if you're feeling spenny.

4. Go for a massage / Via

It's ok - we know you haven't just won the lottery! You can get cheaper beauty treatments by visiting local beauty schools. You are worked on by the students (sometimes you get to choose which level of qualifications your therapist has) so the treatment might be a little slower, but the results will be the same.

5. Try some crafting

Stacie/Flickr/(CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 35754040@N04

Not only is crafting therapeutic, because it clears your brain and lets you tune out, at the end of it you get a present from you, to you.

If you need DIY inspiration try Ps. I Made This, Honestly WTF and Stars For Streetlights for projects.

6. Invest in a popcorn maker / Via

Because these are the happiest inventions in the world. Once your kernels have popped you can add your own flavouring: chicken salt, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, cheese or even chocolate. They upgrade every movie night.

8. Listen to the world's most relaxing song

View this video on YouTube

Sound therapists from the British Academy of Sound Therapy worked with a band called Marconi Union to create the 'world's most relaxing music'. It works by slowing your heartbeat down to the rhythm of the music, making your extremely relaxed. Play it in the background when you're having a relaxing bath. Bliss!

9. Send yourself a present each month


If you don't have a day to indulge, get yourself some treats by post: Domestic Sluttery have collated a list of companies that do cool gift-y subscriptions services.

Sign up and you'll be delivered a monthly treat of almost anything: think cheese, wine, chocolate, books, bubble bath or stationery.

11. Watch movies in a blanket fort

Parks and Recreation / NBC/ / Via

There's something ultra-indulgent about dragging your duvet in to the front room to watch movies. Go a step further and line the floor with cushions and sling a blanket over two chairs to make a fort to relax in.

14. Take your bath time to the next level / Via

Add some citrus bath oil - an Ohio State University study found that this boosts your mood, crank up your favourite song, put on a face pack and a hair pack - the steam opens your pores and cuticles and lets the packs penetrate, lay back, and relax.

15. Indulge in hot drinks

Shutterstock / Via

Tea has been scientifically proven to relax you* - but it's not the only relaxing hot drink you can indulge in. Camomile, mint and jasmine tea also relaxes you - while coffee just tastes great.

Invest in a large, fancy cup and a selection of different brews for when you next need a break.

*According to a University College London study.