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Which CO Member Are You?!

Ever wondered what it's like to be an honorary member of the BESt committee in FLASH? Well now you can! Take this quiz to determine which member of CO you're most like!

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  1. What is your favourite artist?

    Maroon V
    Fleetwood Mac
    Anything EDM, particularly Skillrex
    Idk, I never showed up to things
    The 1975
    Colony House
    The Police/Hozier
    The entire Hamilton Soundtrack
    Tame Impala (or anything chill)
    Dammit, I didn't get to know will well enough. Choose this for Will.
    The Grey's Anatomy theme song
    The NASA soundtrack
    Mulan soundtrack
    Anything I can party to
  2. What do you do for fun?

    Eno & fix my car
    Hang out with my kids :)
    Jump over the A&M seal
    Idk, I never showed up
    Name plants
    Lose my umbrella
    Pretend I'm a Kardashian
    Eat Boudin
    Get my chair nailed to the ceiling
    Watch Rick & Morty
    Eat Cajun
  3. If you could be anyone, who would you be?

    Eleven from Stranger Things
    Nicholas Biddle, the president of the second bank of the United States
    Idk, I never showed up
    Rick Sanchez
    ANYONE but Ronaldo
    Hermoine Grienger
    A bottle of Everclear
    Bill Gates
    Meredith Grey
    Jackie Kennedy
    The entire continent of Australia
  4. What's your catchphrase?

    "Honestly, who do you think you're talking to?"
    *makes humming sound whenever she's in an awkward encounter*
    "Ya know", and then proceeds to point finger*
    "Uh... damn HAM"
    "Idk, I never showed up"
    "POW POW POW" or "Ye"
    "guys, I brought Boudin"
    "You killed Will, Emma"
    "It's on, bitch"
    "Gera, what is Emma doing with that sock?"
    "Shut up, Miguel"
    "I'll slap this bag"
    "I'M LIT"
    "I'm gonna throw up"
  5. What do you wanna do for a living?

    Astronaut, or attend Hogwarts, whichever comes first
    Literally become Matthew McConaughey and find another planet within the solar system
    Honestly, fuck school, like why did I even come here, I'll just become a stripper
    A pediatrician
    Something with computers, mostly so I can eventually become one myself hahaha
    Commit myself to service
    Idk, I never showed up
    Humanitarian Architect
    THE next Meredith Grey
    A doctor
    Soccer player or a member of the 1976, yeah, I'm forming my own band, what of it?

Which CO Member Are You?!

You got: Christopher Thomas Elston

COngrats, my friend! You are most like the most sarcastic member of CO! Based on these results, you're a walking, talking piece of granola as you probably enjoy enoing, alternative music, walking dogs, and anything having to do with nature. You probably have the most adorable little brother too, who probably gets it from your good looks too. In essence, you're the perfect human being; you're dependable, cute as a button, cool as a cucumber, kind as a kind button, funny as hell, know the right moment to throw in a clapback, are fantastic at photoshop, intelligent enough to hardly study and pass a class with ease, have great hair, and are an overall amazing person. You'll more than likely end up becoming a philanthropist or a car enthusiast, perhaps a modern day Andrew Carnegie, but with less mustache, who will eventually live out his days surrounded by puppies and prototypes of interstellar ships that have escorted the rest of humanity to another planet.

Christopher Thomas Elston
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You got: Rachel Nicole Seyler (RNS)

POWPOWPOWPOW, looks like you're set for world domination!! You are most like Rachel Seyler, one of the most outstanding people to have ever lived. You probs enjoy "oldies" type of music, such The Police, and have a knack for having some kind of vintage band playing in your Xterra. You're also a pro a pro-castinating, and you may be an addict to stickers on RedBubble as a result. The addiction hotline is 999-666-6969, so please do us a favor and call for someone to talk to. You create catchphrases at the drop of a hat, such as "RUGGLERS RAWR" or "Ye ye". Some of your favourite past times include watching Stranger Things, laughing at posters in Evans, getting a venti iced green tea latte from starbs, or just being an amazingly humble person. You'll go far in the business world, since you're a perfect mixture of being sweet as sugar but also a BOSS ASS BITCH WHO DOESN'T LET ANYONE WALK OVER HER. May open a bakery even. You're an amazingly funny person with even funnier initials. You're a golden one.

Rachel Nicole Seyler (RNS)
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You got: Cameron Kardashian Valenzuela

Honestly, who do you think you are? If the results are true, then you're one of the most outstanding members of the committee, partly because you aren't afraid to be yourself and because you really don't give a fuck or a damn. Anywho, if you are like Cameron, you know more than just how to throw some ass whenever CupCake "cums" on. You're an extravagant person, always doing the most, but it's what distinguishes you among the rest. You probably know the best way to mix drinks, and you can handle your liquor. You have a knack for making friends quickly, but you don't let people in easily, and god help it if someone crosses you!!! However, despite all that, you're a very caring person and considerate of other's. You're a natural born leader who will lead a very successful life, one such as Blaire. You're an amazing member who makes CO known throughout all of FLASH, and you truly know how to make anyone feel accepted. You're amazing in every way and should never change, unless it's to better your perfection. - xoxo, gossip girl

Cameron Kardashian Valenzuela
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You got: Emma "Little" Biddle "In The Middle"

Woah, woah, woah, it's raining men, better grab your umbrella, cause you got Emma Biddle!! Some of your past times include losing your umbrella, listening to Hamilton, screaming and crying while driving, and either yelling at Gera or Cameron. You're incredibly gifted when it comes to your school work, being able to stretch yourself thin and still commit to an organization, which really shows how destined you are to a be leader. You're prone to having little fits sometime, but you always come back stronger than ever. In addition, you're committed to yourself and your friends, always there to help them get home while they're drunk. For some reason, you took a lot of photos as a child, but it's okay, you're "the best:)". You're an amazing person, one of the most unique there is in CO, similar to Rachel in nearly every way, including the awkwardness. You're especially dark and twisty with a little sparkly. You've glown up tremendously, and you're a make up goddess who always know how to make them boys run FAST. You have a big heart and are someone CO couldn't be without. WRECK EM'

Emma "Little" Biddle "In The Middle"
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You got: Wesley Klaus

Idk, you never showed up

Wesley Klaus
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You got: Bryan Sevilla

Welll uh... damn, HAM. Bring out the finesse boiiiiiii!!!! You're one of the smartest people within this committee; a pro at calculus, a master at chem, and a legend at stealing hearts ;) You're a total 1975 enthusiast, one who would probably devote their life to physics, kidnap the band, build a contraption to turn back time to the year 1975, and have them play for you in that year. Yeah. In addition to being smarty pants, you've got such a big heart for helping others and many great ideas to assisting the community. You'll probably finesse life and become the next Bill Gates. You've got in the bag, kid.

Bryan Sevilla
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You got: Jessica Hembree

If you were to be compared to anything, you would probably be the nuclear arms the soviets and the Americans had during the Cold War - a secret weapon. As one similar to Jess, you are more than likely a kindhearted soul, one willing to pick up her group of friends who can't handle their drinks. You're a bombshell with such a great attitude towards everything and are always looking for a way to help others. However, you may float like a butterfly, but you can sting like a bee - as a secret weapon, you know what it takes to win. Whether it be a finalist in assassins, kicking ass and taking names in FLO bowl, or destroying others in quiditch, you are mother effing badass!!! You've got a bright future ahead of you, kid

Jessica Hembree
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You got: Lyna "Boudin" Tran

If you are lucky enough to be anything like this gorgeous gal, you've basically got your life set; smart, strong willed, eyeliner so sharp it could cut an umbilical cord, and a sweet personality to match. You are probably seen eating Boudin or kicking ass at your chem work, but most importantly, you're always willing to lend a helping hand. You reach out to others to help them, regardless if it's during their best or their worst. You're as sweet as can be, compassionate really, as you care a deep amount for others and will make them feel cherished. Thank the world for Lyna Tran :)

Lyna "Boudin" Tran
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You got: Alexis Gonzales

If you are lucky enough to be Alexis, you'd probably the chicken in George Orwell's Animal Farm. Hey, chicken!! If you are like Alexis, your liver must hate you, but at least you have a good amount of stories to tell!!! You're a delight to be around, and surely you can turn any function into one like Gatsby's. You're hella sporty and can be seen (if you ever showed up to things) dancing to EDM, working at a sushi restaurant, or just partying. A nocturnal beauty who's gonna nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Alexis Gonzales
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You got: Siena Werner

If you're anything like Siena, you'll more than likely be a hidden gem. Though not always so exposed to others, you've got a great personality with a little darkness to you. Sweet as can be, but you're also a funny gal who can carry hypotheticals well in any conversation. It's more than likely you'll become as smart as Rick Sanchez and just as successful as Meredith Grey, except without all the dying involved

Siena Werner
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You got: Sydney Rowatt

If you're anything like Sydney, you may be of French descent!? Maybe!? If so, it's pretty neat considering that you're name is the a city in Australia and your last name is French. Neat. As a Sydney, you're not only one smart cookie, but you're a sugar cookie too, ya know, like one of those multi-colored cookies from Famous Amos. You've also got a knack for turning THE HELL up, traveling all over the world, and are always in for a good time. You've got a great adoration for pooches too, so much so, that you were probably a reveille in a past life

Sydney Rowatt
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You got: Emily Daspit

Well, well, well, if it isn't the ragin' Cajun herself! As an Emily, you're probably a strong willed person.. wait, are you seriously on your phone during a committee meeting!?! Give me your phone RIGHT now. That's better. Back to it. As an Emily, you've never had a problem telling people how you feel nor dealing with anyone's BS. You're sassy as hell, but also very committed to your studies as well as other people/events, especially those committed to service. You've got a knack for wanting to better the lives of others and you'll go far by helping those in need. Especially if anyone needs helps finishing a bottle of EverClear. You're also a party animal, but on who can never be tamed, unless you wanna be ;) All in all, you're an amazing person with a great set of skills for anything from a rager or helping the elderly.

Emily Daspit
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You got: Miguel Martinez

RAWR xD You got the classic case of an emo kid!! Though you've probably grown out of that stage, which is the only kind of growing you've been able to do in years, you're a kind person. Always there for others and willing to lend an ear or a hand, you've got a heart for helping others and want to make a difference. You're best friends mean the world to you, and you want to make them feel as welcomed as possible. You're one in a million and either rule the world or watch it burn :)

Miguel Martinez
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You got: Saidee "Shadey" Godoy

No need for sunscreen because you got enough shade on you with Saidee. Whenever you're not throwing shade at someone, if you are like Saidee, you're probably up at 5 a.m. for the ninth time in a week, committing yourself to your studies. Not only are you committed to your studies, but man you're committed to people and other organizations. A natural born leader with a heart for service and the capability to juggle thousands of things at a time. Besides being shady, you're a sweetheart with a great sense of humour, even a good amount of darkness within you, but you're absolutely wonderful. You're one in a million, I hope you know how lucky you would be to be Saidee. One day, you'll take on a great position of power, whether it be a superintendent, a general, governor of Texas, Darth Vader, Gandalf, of the lead singer of Maroon VII, you're born to be a hero.

Saidee "Shadey" Godoy
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You got: Gera Garza

Weird, there must be a system error. There is no way you should have gotten Gera, mostly because there is no one that will ever come close to him!? If for some reason you did get Gera, you're an absolute one in a million. You have the strangest personality of CO, perhaps on the planet, but man, you are a joy to be around. Jump man, jump man, jump man, Gera is someone always up to something - burning people so casually with clapbacks, designing music videos, jumping over seals, making inappropriate comments at least once an hour, or just building a robot to build other robots. You're a gifted person, partially because you're a genius, which are usually crazy, and also because you're a sweetheart, one capable of holding deep conversations with people and being very insightful. You're a strange one, Mr.Grinch, but damn you're amazing.

Gera Garza
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You got: Will Dillawn

WUBALUBADUBDUB!!! Bro, you just got the chillest guy to have ever walked the face of this Earth. If you're anything like Will, you've got a very chill vibe going on. You're a fan of Rick and Morty, getting killed by Emma Biddle, being screwed oevr by Gera, good movies, and just being a mellow guy in general. If anything, you would be Waldo from the "Where's Waldo?" books, considering it's difficult to track you down, but you feel amazing when you do find him. Anywho, you're an outstanding person who is always good to talk to.

Will Dillawn
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