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13 Top Tips For Students On Saving Money

To mark National Student Money Week (6-12 February) we asked Middlesex University students for their advice on how to save money while studying.

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1. Bring your coffee with you / Via

"Get a thermos and bring your coffee with you. If you're an 'I need coffee to function' kind of person like me, that'll be a couple of hundred pounds you save each month," advises Stef, MA Marketing.

Middlesex Students' Union has also been selling reusable coffee cups in the Quad, Library, Ritterman and Grove buildings on our London campus, which save students 20p on every hot drink they buy on campus. Re-using cups is also much better for the environment - a win-win solution!

2. Write shopping lists / Via

"Write a shopping list so you don't come home with more food than you need or pick up all those things you fancy," suggests Katie, Graphic Design.

"It's also never a good idea to go shopping when you're hungry - scheduling when you go food shopping every week will help you only get the things you need!"

3. Use digital resources / Via

"Do not spend loads of money on books when they are available online," says Michal, Tourism.

At Middlesex, all students receive one free e-textbook per module.

4. Pay with cash, not card / Via

"The best way to save money is not to use your contactless card. Get money out of the ATM and pay in cash so you are more aware about what you spend," says Ludovica, MA Marketing Management.

5. Bring in packed lunches / Via

"This may sound quite patronising, but just imagine how much money you'll be able to save in the long run," says Sara, Music.

"Multiply £2.80 (the price of a sandwich) by four (days a week that you are on campus) and that's almost £50 a month, which you could be saving for a holiday abroad or a new pair of jeans!"

6. Budget / Via

"In order to efficiently save money during uni, my main tip is to budget," says Juan, Business Management.

"Make a small table with your income and calculate and subtract your weekly costs. This way you will have an idea of how much you will have left over and how much you can save."

7. Exercise on the cheap / Via

"There are a number of free activities for students on and off campus at Middlesex, including free lunchtime walks and jogging sessions throughout the week which offer you a nice chance to socialise with others while keeping fit," says Helen, Maths.

For those keen to pump some iron at Middlesex, the brand new Fitness Pod on campus offers memberships to students from just £16 per month with no contract and no joining fee.

8. Take advantage of student discounts / Via

"One of the best ways to save money is to know about the discounts and savings available for students," says Vicki, Computing.

"While the NUS Extra card allows you to have discounts and savings on various products, there are also many websites and mobile phone applications which provide similar discounts and savings. "

9. Cycle to uni

"If you live close enough, buy a cheap bike and cycle to uni instead of spending money on buses and tubes," suggests Froya, Human Resource Management.

10. Open a savings account / Via

"I find it very useful to open savings accounts and have a standing order come out each week and into the savings," says Elizabeth, Criminology.

"But it is essential to be realistic with your weekly saving, as if you go overboard you will feel deprived and end up dipping into that saving. A key thing to remember is that you are investing into your future. Setting a goal for the savings also helps to ensure you don't touch the money."

11. Prioritise / Via

"By prioritising on what is most important right now and having a little notes on your calendar regarding your bills and things that you will need to buy during the month, you saving yourself from the struggle and stress can that be brought about by having no money," advises Alina, Illustration.

12. Do big shops / Via

"While the smaller 'express' supermarkets are more convenient, they are often more expensive than the bigger stores," says Matt, Graphic Design.

13. Embrace home cooking / Via

"Instead of buying a takeaway every day, gaining weight and wasting up to £10 a day, cook simple, healthy meals at home," says Yousra, Cardiac Physiology.

For more detailed advice on managing your money, check out our Money Management and Debt guidelines and our financial support services.

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