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10 things you’ll only know if you’re a student in London

There’s no place like London. From studying in some of the most historic buildings in the world to making friends from all over the world, London is a truly special place to study. Here are 10 things you’ll only know if you’re a student in the capital.

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1. Mastering the tube is the best feeling ever / Via

When you first moved to London, the underground was overwhelming, scary and very, very confusing. But after a few weeks using the tube every day, you suddenly realised you’d mastered your journey without looking at a map!

In fact, people began asking YOU for directions – you’ve made it, you’re a fully-fledged ‘Londoner’ and it’s the best feeling ever!

2. You secretly love playing tourist / Via

You’re inundated with friends asking to visit you and all your sightseeing adventures are captured through your Instagram account – where you make full use of filters to brighten even the rainiest of days!

With just a 20 minute tube journey to central London, students from Middlesex University can enjoy the historic Tower of London, the regal Buckingham Palace and the entertaining Madame Tussauds whenever they like.

3. You take full advantage of the rich diversity of food / Via

Every Tuesday on your way to lectures, you pick up a Time Out magazine and scan the pages for the best new dishes in London.

Hailed as the most diverse and exciting food capital in the world, London has a rich tapestry of foods from different cultures, regions and countries. From Brazilian to Lebanese to Ethiopian, Middlesex students regularly take full advantage of the huge diversity of culinary delights offered in North London.

4. Your oyster card is your best friend

The first thing you did when you arrived in London was purchase a student Oyster card. It gives you a third off your travel – making it your new best friend.

5. Exploring markets and picking up cheap deals has become your favourite pastime

You spend your weekends exploring markets such as Spitalfields, Camden Market and Portobello Road, which offer everything from jerk chicken to gourmet cheese to vintage clothes.

With over 1000 shops and stalls selling fashion, music, art and food, Camden Market is a favourite among Middlesex University students.

6. You love touring London’s beautiful buildings to find the perfect study space

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When you’re looking for a campus alternative, you take full advantage of London’s many quiet study spots such as the British Library in Kings Cross – home to one of the most famous documents in the world, the Magna Carta.

Middlesex students can often be spotted in the Barbican Centre’s library where in between studying, they can relax in the conservatory – a hidden tropical oasis in the heart of the city.

7. Christmas in London is an annual highlight / Via

From ice skating to Christmas markets to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, there’s nothing more festive than London at Christmas.

During December, you spend your time packing in as many fun festive activities with friends as possible before going home for the holidays.

8. You know where all the parks are, and during the Summer you tick them off one by one / Via

In the summer, you enjoy visiting the many lidos in and around London, swimming in Hampstead Heath’s ponds, going boating in Hyde Park and spotting deer in Richmond Park.

Alexandra Park is a favourite among Middlesex students – where they can enjoy the flower garden, farmers market, boating lake and of course the beautiful Alexandra Palace.

9. Your friends come from all over the world / Via

As a student living in one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, you’re friends come from all over the world.

It’s one of the main things you love about the city – the opportunity to learn about different cultures, learn new languages and make connections to places in the world you haven’t even been to.

Here at Middlesex, our students come from over 150 countries across the globe!

10. You make the most of free networking events

London’s status as a world city also means employers, including banks such as HSBC and publishers such as Penguin, choose to locate their headquarters in London.

You love making the most of free networking events put on by employers – not only do they offer fancy free food but there’s also an opportunity to pick up an internship. If you haven’t yet been to a networking event – make sure you check your university’s advertisements.

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