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14 Websites To Help You Survive College

The internet is here to help with a plethora of digital tools and, of course, puppies! And for those group projects, SkyDrive and Office can be your spirit guides; they’ll let you and your classmates work together online in real time, without sacrificing your formatting. When it’s that easy to get your group work done, there’s nothing getting in your way (except the occasional cuteness distraction).

1. Puppy Cams!

vdiamataris / Via

You can't bring dogs to class, so find yourself one on the internet.

2. Rate My Professors

Prescila Pacheco / Via

Learn about them before they try and cram learnings into you.

3. Film School Thesis Statement Generator

When in doubt, ask the internet what your paper should be about.

4. Study Blue

Daniel Straub / Via

Online flashcards are better because you don't have to commit to lined or unlined.

5. Essay Typer

The best possible way to feel like you're churning out pages.

6. College Ruled

It makes scheduling 19 hours of class look easy.

7. Cupcake Ipsum

Have your filler text taste like frosting.

8. Rate My Study Abroad

Not all international, "I'm going to find myself" experiences are created equal.

9. Glassdoor

You might be fetching coffee for an entire summer. Or you might not.

10. Cargo Collective

When you make something pretty, make sure to put it somewhere equally pretty.

11. Date My School

This dating service limits it only to peeps from your school, which is fantastic because you'll have at least one thing in common.

12. Bacon Or Beercan

These are vital parts of the undergraduate experience. Do not confuse them.

13. Mint

Aaron Soriano / Via

There's no prettier way to realize that you've managed to spend hundreds of dollars on Red Bull.

14. SkyDrive

Because group projects will happen and sometimes they can be a nightmare, especially with the Russian roulette that is randomly assigned teams. Use SkyDrive and Office to work together online and help keep your team dynamic and your document formatting classy.

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