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12 Gifs That Are About To Go Horribly Wrong

Prepare yourself for a healthy slathering of schadenfreude. Real talk: you never know when a disaster is waiting in the wings. So why not stay prepared in case your laptop tries to fly off a third-story balcony? With SkyDrive, you can keep a copy of your docs and other important files stored in the cloud, so you can still get to them even if disaster does strike.

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1. This pool party is about to take the whole "bring down the house" vibe a bit too literally.

2. This carefree swinger is about to get a very harsh reality check.

3. This DIY fitness freak is about to reconsider skipping out on the gym.

4. This aspiring superhero is about to realize that the guidance counselor was probably right and this isn't his true calling after all.

5. This fumbling farmhand is about to seriously consider a move to the big city.

6. This hyperactive beach bum is about to have sand jammed up his sinuses for a solid two months.

7. This overzealous parkour-er is about realize how much he misses pleasant sidewalk strolls.

8. This overenthusiastic pogo-er who's about to realize how underrated the ground is.

9. This pole vaulter is about to feel like he can fly, but only for roughly two seconds.

10. These see-sawers are about to realize that, yes, they're getting way too old for this.

11. This sick skateboarder is about to wonder if they make adult-sized training wheels.

12. This clumsy computer owner is about to really wish he had those documents backed up somewhere.

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And for all of those disastrous situations in which you’re on a camping trip and your laptop gets speared with a bow and then dragged into an enormous campfire, you’ll want to make sure a copy your files is saved to SkyDrive. College students get an extra 3GB of storage for a year.