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10 Most Ridiculous Portrayals Of Technology In Film And TV

Hollywood sure has a way of jumping the shark when it comes to portraying future technology. From storing data in our brains to hacking our way into nuclear war, take a look a couple of predictions that were laughably off.

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1. This Is What "Being Hacked" Looks Like

According To NCIS, the process of being "hacked" involves dozens of windows flashing on and off of your screen. The way to combat a hack? Just start hammering away at your keyboard.

2. This Is How You Grab A High-Res Image From The Reflection In Someone's Eye

A common theme amongst CSI episodes is that there’s always an important reflection in someone’s eye in a photograph. All you have to do is grab the reflection and you’ll see a crisp, high-resolution image that you can conveniently use to crack the case.

3. We Can Only Store A Max Of 160 GB In Our Brains

In Johnny Mnemonic, Keanu Reeves faces the realistic problem of having to store 320 GB in his brain. Unfortunately, he might die since he's only used to storing 160 GB. Just look what happens when he tries to exceed his storage limit. Man, that looks painful.

4. This Is What Computer Nuclear War Looks Like

Be careful what you hack into. WarGames shows us how hacking into a game company's computer system could plausibly end with the accidental sending of missiles into a foreign country. But like all realistic '80s movies about technology, Mathew Broderick manages to beat the military supercomputer he's accidentally hacked into by forcing it to play tic-tac-toe until it reaches a stalemate, ultimately preventing World War III.

5. Viruses And Worms Look Like Tiny Gems

Have you ever tried visualizing a virus? Luckily the movie Swordfish does it for us. Here's a shot of Hugh Jackman decrypting data and trying to access a worm/virus he's stored on a server. According to this film, worms and viruses look like little gems.

6. You Dont Need An Actual Address To Send An E-Mail

In Mission Impossible, while desperately trying to seek out some cryptic information, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) decides to start emailing people randomly. The emails he tries aren't even formatted correctly, but some how they all manage to go through.

7. This Is How Game Systems Will Be Implanted Into Our Bodies

Existenz gave us a realistic look into the future of virtual reality gaming. Who needs physical game systems when we can simply plug a "micro-pod" into our "bio-port"? Worried about getting a bio-port? The process is pretty seamless, the pods are simply inserted into our spines.

8. This Is The Screen You'll See When You Invade Another Hacker's Turf

According to the movie, Hackers, you only need to be able to type 5 words per minute to hack into a TV station. And once you’re in, just make sure you’re not on another hacker’s turf or you might be expunged.

9. You Can Steal Information With An Ipod And A Piece Of Tape

In FireWall, Harrison Ford manages to capture images of "bank accounts" at the company he works for by connecting his daughter's iPod to a scanner and sticky taping it to a computer screen. Makes you wonder why we never thought of this to begin with...

10. This Is What The Process Of "Intelligence Enhancement" Looks Like In Action

What happens when a computer scientist uses a training system designed to increase chimpanzee intelligence on a human? Dramatic increases in brainpower, telekinetic abilities and a hunger world domination, of course. In The Lawnmower Man, it’s hard to decide which is more ridiculous: the high-tech designs or the idea that such technology could turn a harmless groundskeeper into a vengeful super villan.

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