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High School: Then & Now

High school was hard, for a few different reasons. Now that you're an adult, take comfort in the fact that OneDrive is there to preserve all of your digital possessions — and none of your old poetry.

1. Then: It was pretty easy to get away with the whole "dog ate my homework" thing.

Now: Dogs can't eat cloud-based documents, so you can forget about it.

2. Then: You had to suffer through gym class, no matter what.

Now: You'd pull up the WebMD page for mononucleosis and all of a sudden be an expert symptom faker.

3. Then: You were super excited to get a letter from your pen pal in Australia.

Now: You wouldn't know what a pen pal is, but you'd follow a few Aussies on Instagram.

4. Then: You were unceremoniously stuffed into a locker.

Now: You'd be unceremoniously stuffed into a locker, and the photo evidence would end up on

5. Then: You left your backpack at the mall and now it's gone and so is about a semester's worth of work, and your life is over.

Now: You'd leave your backpack at the mall and — oh well! Everything's saved in that cloud thing, so whatever.

6. Then: Your yearbook was the ultimate source of photographic highlights of the year.

Now: Between Facebook and selfies and the millions of FOMO-inspiring photos on your phone, you could easily create a yearbook's worth of memories in a single week.

7. Then: You had to pass notes in class like some sort of caveperson.

Now: Instant messaging, texting, @replies, direct messaging, Tumblr questions...

8. Then: If you had the coolest car, you ruled the school.

Now: If you had a promising startup concept, you'd rule the school.

9. Then: You would spend hours decorating a mix CD you made for your crush.

Now: You'd spend hours coming up with a clever title for the playlist you made before you shared it with your crush.