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13 Reasons Why Life Was Terrible Before The Cloud

Ahh, how far we've come. Remember floppy disks? Of course you do. Let's be thankful that OneDrive makes it so easy to save, store, and collaborate all up in that big safe fluffy cloud.

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1. You'd upload a few pictures from that magical time you went to Warped Tour, and all of a sudden you were out of hard drive space.

D. Sharon Pruitt Pink Sherbet Photography / Getty Images

2. The most exciting portable game you owned was on your graphing calculator, and it always got wiped right before a big test.

Cooking Cinderella / CC by http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 81884868@N07

3. Your huge collection of 25MB color-coded floppy disks got out of control very quickly.

4. And when you spilled Surge all over the floppy disk holding your big PowerPoint presentation, you just had to deal.


And you spent so much time animating all those bullet points!

5. You dumped all of your Blink-182 albums on to the family desktop computer in the kitchen, only to realize that you couldn't properly appreciate "What's My Age Again?" while your little sister sat three feet away from you eating cereal.

Nickelodeon / Blues Clues / Via

Too bad! You can only access those files from that computer!

6. You'd break out into a cold sweat whenever the little hourglass replaced the cursor.


"Did I save recently? DID I SAVE RECENTLY???"

7. Fireplace mantels were filled with DVDs, not with fun family stuff like framed photos and lumpy homemade candy bowls.

Sean McGinnis / CC by http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 91087519@N00

8. Having to hit CTRL+ALT+DEL was a last resort, and meant certain doom.

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9. You had to deal with this thing on your car visor:

10. Group projects in school meant that you had to physically meet with each other, as opposed to typing things silently into a shared document.

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11. When your hard drive crashed and you lost all those pictures, the memories ceased to exist. No pics? It didn't happen.

12. The look of judgment on the computer girl's face when you had to admit to her that you didn't back up your hard drive.

All About Eve / 20th Century Fox / Via

13. Or maybe you did back up, but in the back of your mind you knew that all it would take was one fire. One fire, and it'd all be gone.

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