12 Things You Need To Know About Star Trek Into Darkness

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1. Star Trek Into Darkness is the first movie ever filmed in the IMAX format and then converted into 3D in post production.

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2. The previous Star Trek film (2009) had over 1,000 CGI effects. Star Trek Into Darkness has over 1,400 visual effects shots.

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3. Star Trek Into Darkness takes place 6 months after the last movie.

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4. Almost all the main actors in the 2009 movie are reprising their roles.


5. Benedict Cumberbatch is in the movie.

You may know him as Sherlock.

6. His character is named John Harrison.

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Notable quote of his: “Have I got your attention now?”

7. Robocop (Peter Weller) is in the movie! He plays Admiral Marcus.

Orion Pictures Corporation - Robocop / Via davsen.tumblr.com

Peter Weller also appeared in “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.”

8. The new Star Trek movies are set on an alternative timeline to the original series.

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J.J.Abrams has stated, “The idea, now that we are in an independent timeline, allows us to use any of the ingredients from the past - or come up with brand-new ones - to make potential stories.”

9. If you haven't watched the 2009 movie, this is a spoiler…

Paramount PIctures - Star Trek / Via rbertdwneyjr.tumblr.com

The Vulcan planet was destroyed in the last movie.

10. Another thing you should know if you haven't watched the last movie: Kirk wasn't originally meant to be Captain.

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Spock was Captain. Kirk wasn’t even supposed to be on the Enterprise. He snuck on with the help of his friend Dr. McCoy.

11. It took Zachary Quinto's makeup artist 30-45 minutes to apply his Spock eyebrows everyday.

Paramount Pictures

He had to do it one hair at a time!

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12. J.J. Abrams deliberately made the sets connected so that the cameras could follow the actors through the hallways and elevators without any cuts.

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Star Trek Into Darkness premieres May 17, 2013.

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