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10 Things That Are Cool To Love Again

It's time to go back to the future. The old and new, the merging of what we used to love and what's cool again. From Beavis and Butt-Head to Hotmail, check out some things from the past that are back with a vengeance.

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1. Neil Patrick Harris

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I’m sure we all thought that Neil Patrick Harris was doomed to be "Doogie Howser" forever. But thanks to his cameo in "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle," NPH is back on the map. Since his cameo, he’s starred in “How I Met Your Mother,” won an Emmy for his performance as Bryan Ryan in “Glee” and was even named one of Time’s most 100 influential people of 2010. This year, he received his very own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Now that’s a comeback!

2. Macarons

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Since Sofia Coppolas' “Marie Antoinette,” this delicious treat has made a serious comeback, and in a big way. Many cities, especially in New York and Toronto, have recently seen a surge in macaron shops. Some popular Macaron joints include: Macaron Cafe In Manhattan and La Bamboche In Toronto.

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Long associated with nothing but moms, failure and antiquity, Hotmail has come a long way. With an improved way to tackle spam, virtually unlimited storage and an awesome set of new features, Hotmail is definitely back in the game.

4. Arrested Development

Albert L. Ortega / WireImage / Getty Images

This may just be the comeback of the the year. After a 5 year break, we finally get the Bluths back for another season, PLUS A MOVIE. It really can't get much better than this.

5. Jonathan Lipnicki

Michael Caulfield / WireImage / Getty Images

You may remember Jonathan as the cute, spikey haired smart alec in "Jerry Maguire." All grown up, he's ditched the glasses and joined the gym. And now, there's just that much more to love about Jon.

6. Converse

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It's no stretch to say that Converse has come a long way. From their introduction as a basketball shoe in 1917, to grunge scene staple in the '90s, these are some shoes with serious staying power.

7. Beavis and Butt-Head

Yvonne Hemsey / Getty Images

Although we never stopped loving this duo, it's awesome to say they're finally back. After nearly 15 years off the air, "Beavis and Butt-Head" have returned to their home on MTV, making "cool" cool again.


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Bikram Yoga, which first became popular in the 1970s, is making a serious comeback. Many people have begun to prefer Bikram over traditional Hatha Yoga since it allows for greater cleansing of the body and helps build increased stamina and endurance.

9. Animated Gifs

We all remember animated gifs from back in the day, when everyone and their mom had a Geocities site. But with the launch of Tumblr in 2007, gifs have brought a whole new dimension to the art of photography and have found their way back into our hearts, and our blogs.

10. The Muppets

Vera Anderson / WireImage / Getty Images

Who doesn't LOVE the muppets? And now they're coming back, but better than ever. Jason Segel will star in the new muppets film and hopes to introduce a new generation to Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the gang.