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10 College Clubs You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

From brainy to quirky, college students have many club options. See if you're eligible to join the “I Got It At No Cost” Club, courtesy of Office 365 Education for Students, which you can install on multiple devices for FREE through your school.

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1. Squirrel Club


Why it's hard to believe it exists: Squirrels are good, but are they worthy of a club? You might be skeptical, but taking one look at the website makes it clear that these University of Michigan squirrel watchers aren't squirreling around — it's probably the most tasteful site on this list.

2. Campus People Watchers

Praveenkumar Palanichamy / Getty Images

Why it's hard to believe it exists: Most people enjoy watching people on their own, but in this "non-profit, non-creepy organization" at the University of Minnesota, you meet up with fellow people watchers and discuss what you see and what it means from a psychological standpoint. But like, in a fun way.

3. Students for an Orwellian Society

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Why it's hard to believe it exists: Presumably, the takeaway from 1984 is that Big Brother is bad. Not to these students at Columbia University! They actually like the idea of Ingsoc. We won't say anything negative here though, because speaking out against Big Brother has generally not worked out for the best in the past.

4. Humans vs. Zombies

Christian Aslund / Getty Images

Why it's hard to believe it exists: Zombies aren't exactly a *thing* yet, so there's that, but years ago students at Goucher College decided it was time to start practicing. Now, the organization is at dozens of schools around the country, and their website shows that they are not kidding about zombie awareness. (Unless, of course, you ARE a zombie.)

5. Meat Club


Why it's hard to believe it exists: Well, it actually makes sense when you really think about it. There are plenty of clubs for people who don't eat meat, so why not have a club that supports those who greatly admire meat? Some enterprising students at Bard College decided to do just so.

6. Mustache Club

MASSIVE / Getty Images

Why it's hard to believe it exists: Because seemingly there isn't THAT much to say about having a mustache. But the fact that the Carleton Mustache Club allows members of any gender admittance and also keeps an archive of members' mustaches makes a compelling case.

7. Association of Cigar and Finance Aficionados


Why it's hard to believe it exists: College students are rarely associated with cigars, and certainly not having more money than it costs to buy a few packs of ramen a week. But these cats over at Penn State are all about that life. Just check out their site.

8. Princeton Mime Company

mediaphotos / Getty Images

Why it's hard to believe it exists: Simply, because who knew there were enough mimes in Princeton to maintain a society? It's nice that they have a place to just be ~themselves,~ but also, how do they conduct meetings?

9. Tree Musketeers

Why it's hard to believe it exists: Because "pingling" is a word apparently (it means leaping from tree to tree), and that it's possible for someone to come up with a pun as good as their name is. Pun game strong over at Northern Michigan University.

Pictured above: Someone is definitely not in Tree Musketeers.

10. Clown Nose Club

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Why it's hard to believe it exists: Just because the name is funny. Clown Nose Club started at Penn State and is now opening a NC State chapter, and it's anything but slapstick comedy (OK, maybe there is a little of that). CNC is all about getting its members to take "positive social risks," so it's really a club about helping people — you just happen to be wearing a big red clown nose while doing it. We can get behind that.

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