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Subjects You Really Wish Your Friends Were Experts In

Sometimes it's not what you know that matters; it's who you know! So wouldn't it be great to have friends knowledgeable in the things we like? Search socially with the all new Bing – the only search engine that can give you reviews, expert opinions, and recommendations from your Facebook friends.

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Fine Dining

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Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a friend who knew all the best places to eat? Not only that, they would have the inside look at which places are reasonable, which places are too crowded, and which places are good to take your family. And if your friend was really nice, they'd let you sit with them at the special reserved tables at fancy restaurants.


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Okay, so you might be jealous of this jet-setting friend when they tell you stories of their time in the Bahamas or their vacation in Prague, but that information will come in handy! You can ask them which airlines to fly, what hotels to book, and what places they enjoyed eating. This info is way more useful than some anonymous review!


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If you have a friend who knows cutting edge music before it goes mainstream, then lucky you! They'll always let you know what's hip, and who's up and coming. What would even be better is if they had an "in" to concert venues. Then you could always have a backstage pass.


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You probably have that friend who's just so utterly charming that they can talk to anyone anywhere. That one time they spoke to Ryan Gosling in the grocery store? Unbelievable. If you're nice, maybe they'll introduce you the next time they are chatting it up with someone famous.


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It's very nice to have a friend who knows what bars aren't crowded and filled with jerky people, but still have nice ambiance. It's even better when this friend knows the bouncer, and he lets you cut the line to a club.

Movies & TV

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There are too many movies and television shows for a person to watch! How can a person figure out what to watch and sort through it all? You could read reviews or watch an episode, or you could ask your friend who's totally into entertainment and watches literally everything. It's a lot faster!

Computers & Technology

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Who needs to take your computer to get fixed professionally (for $$$), when your uber cool computer-hacking friend can help you? You probably have that friend who knows how to do cool iPhone hacks on their phone. They can help you do that to your phone too! This all sounds good to me.


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What does a "best selling" book even mean nowadays? "Fifty Shades Of Grey" is a best seller, but would you really want to read it? That's why if you have a friend who is immersed in literature and knows a thing or two about good books, you should ask them for reading suggestions. And hey, if "50 Shades Of Grey" is your thing, your friend will probably guide you that direction anyway. They've got your best interests in mind.