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An Illustrated Guide To The Most-Searched Animals Of 2014

Because nothing trends harder than the #animalkingdom. But this is just the tip of the iceberg — get the whole story with Bing.

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2. Puppy Saves Girl

Karina Chikitova had already been missing for nine days when her puppy returned home — but her parents followed the pup right back to Karina another two days later and got her home safely.

5. Goldfish Undergoes Life-Saving Surgery

A 10-year-old goldfish named George underwent a successful operation this September, where a deadly tumor was successfully excised from the aging aquarium dweller's head.

6. Bear Cub Does Best Winnie the Pooh Impression

A six-month-old cub in New Jersey got its head stuck inside a plastic cookie jar, but was rescued by firefighters and Environmental Protection agents.

7. Fisherman Reels In Giant Shrimp

In one of the year's most oxymoronic events, a Florida fisherman hauled in a massive 18-inch crustacean before promptly bragging about it on Facebook.

10. President Obama Meets Horse-Headed Stranger

Because you want to wear your Sunday best when you meet the president of the United States, and your Sunday best is obviously a rubber horse mask. The president came face-to-face with a mysterious horse-masked man in Denver.

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All illustrations by BuzzFeed / Kristin Rossi

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