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11 Ways To Master The Art Of Productivity

Because staying focused ain’t easy. Proudly brought to you by Microsoft Surface — the most productive devices on the planet

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3. Create a work playlist.

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Turn up the jams. Steer clear of anything too intense or too slow, as it might make your mind wander. Some people believe that 60 BPM is the optimal tempo for productivity!

8. Take breaks before you burn out.

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Don't beat yourself up about feeling uninspired or worn out. Get some fresh air or take a lap around your building – your brain will thank you in the long run.

10. Give co-workers nonverbal signals when you're busy.


Do you have a hard time telling people to leave you alone? Wear headphones (even if you aren't listening to music), or implement a sticky-note system that lets co-workers know when it's OK to talk.

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