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Paid PostPosted on Sep 1, 2015

10 Struggles Of Teaching Your Parents How To Computer

Deep breaths.

1. You have to constantly remind yourself that there are no stupid questions.

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And that you love your family very, very much.

2. You try to explain why they can't trust everyone they meet online.


Especially that Nigerian prince asking for their details.

3. They don't understand why you wouldn't want to be ~friends~ on social media.


Comment ≠ letter.

4. They see no good reason to upgrade their computer from 1995.


Like, it's a bit slow, but it works.

5. Heaven forbid there's ever a ~problem~.

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"The files are in the computer?!"

6. When you try to explain something over the phone, it's near-on impossible...

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A one-second solution becomes hours of torture.

7. ...and when you do help in person, it's painstakingly slow.

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One. Key. At. A. Time.

8. Eventually, you just snap and take over.


Let's be honest: It's easier for everyone that way.

9. When you show them how to do something, they insist on getting reeeaaaaalllly close.


Which doesn't exactly help you concentrate.

10. The fun part is, you know you're going to end up writing it all down anyway.

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But hey, what are families for?

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