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10 Things You Should Really Think About Upgrading In Your 30s

You're doing more now. So are Windows 10 PCs. So why not think about upgrading?

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3. Gaming

Video games and PC games have come a long way. Even the change from gaming a year ago to right now is amazing. And now with the VR world arriving, gaming is set for a huge upgrade.

4. Wardrobe

Nothing wrong with having a certain style. But you might need to consider selecting some new options for some staples you can rotate through.

8. Career / Via

Maybe you're stuck doing something you're not interested in anymore. Or maybe you want to expand and invest in yourself by picking up some new skills. Why not see what's out there that you might be interested in?

10. Security

Having to remember long and complicated passwords might be on the way out now with tech being able to recognise your face or fingerprints. Much safer than the classic "Password123" and definitely unique to you.

Some things to think about. Another thing to think about upgrading right now is your old PC. Windows 10 PCs do more. Just like you. Find out more here.