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    There's A Phenomenon That Explains Why You Poop At Bookstores

    Other than that they serve coffee.

    All around the hidden poo pockets of the internet, people seem to be asking one question: Why do bookstores make me want to poop?

    GOOD. QUESTION. My friend has been wondering same.

    Well, it's called the the Mariko Aoki phenomenon, and according to the Wikipedia page, it could be caused by: "the smell of paper or ink having a laxative effect, the association with reading on the toilet at home, and the posture of browsing making bowel movement easier."

    If you've experienced the Mariko Aoki phenomenon (the bookstore poops), you're not alone:

    WTF! Why do bookstores make me have to poop!?

    Doc, you've gotta help me. Bookstores make me poop, and I mean really shit myself.

    "Bookstores make me have to go poop, in fact I feel it coming on we need to leave" -mom

    .@DrPhil why do bookstores make me want to poop

    With all of these bookstores going out of business, what will be left to make me spontaneously have to poop?

    Bookstores make me have to poop. Every time.

    "Bookstores make me poop." -Rachel, unprompted


    Do certain places or things awaken your bowels? Tell us about it below.