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17 Toys From Your Childhood That Seriously Confused The Shit Out Of You

I don't want to say it was magic, but it was magic.

1. Those magical baby bottles where the milk disappeared when you put them upside-down.

Via Twitter: @CommonWhiteGirI

I still don't understand this.

2. And the colourful sand that was instantly dry after you pulled it out of water.

@mustafa_ve_annesi / Via

3. Those Baby Born dolls that drank water and pissed, but ate food that would just...disappear.

4. And Sea-Monkeys who literally came to life from three lil' powder sachets.

@shoptherocketferndale / Via

5. Those giant bubbles you could blow out of a dot of colourful, weird-smelling plastic.

@lgbtobias / Via

6. And those normal-looking bubbles that you could hold in your hands without popping.

@tink_san / Via


7. Those little plastic cap guns that smoked when you pulled the trigger.

@worldstar / Via

8. That refillable milk bottle that came with the Baby All Gone doll.

@eightiesgirls / Via


9. And those Baby All Gone cherries that magically appeared on the spoon when you put it in the jar.

@mungo_sales / Via


10. That Pixel Chix game where the character ran onto a different screen if you connected two of them together.

@ponycollector / Via

11. Those demonic-ass Furbies that actually had a conversation with you when you spoke to them.

@normandecow / Via

12. And electronic Poo-Chi dogs that chewed and gave heart eyes when you fed them their bones.

13. Literally every single edible experiment kit that allowed you to make REAL FOOD out of powder packets.

@penndot_aka_nick / Via

Dr Dreadful Lab, fuck me up.

14. And those dolls that majestically floated through the air like a feather, even though your string pull was aggressive af.

Play Along Toys

15. The Mouse Trap maze that, no matter how many times you played it, was always constructed wrong.

@hello_kittys_toybox / Via

16. Those weird sticks that only had the purpose of making the "WOOOOOOAAAAWWW" noise and literally nothing else.

@mynameisdomesticdog / Via

Owen Wilson, is that you?

17. And those strange jiggly hand toys that, tbh, I still don't really understand.


I know y'all are going to call them the hand job toys, and, look, I agree.

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